Collective Undergraduate Research Project

Great News and Even Better News!

As of September, 2013:

Psi Chi and the Center for Open Science are sponsoring the Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP). You can learn more about the project at the Open Science Framework webpage ( Contributors that complete a study can earn a CREP research award ranging from $300-$500.

As of September, 2012:

Because Psi Chi and Psi Beta are adopting Collective Undergraduate National Research Initiatives, the CURP is acting as a support site for that project. This project was always intended as a pilot study, and it served its purpose well.

Be sure to participate with your chapter locally.


Jon Grahe

The primary purpose of the Collective Undergraduate Research Project is to collate student research projects so that their empirically generated data can advance science.

Conduct Research with your Peers
Demonstrate the importance of conceptual replication
Make your Class Project Matter

Esther Hanes and David Funder, UC-Riverside have provided us a research question because they want our data! (added Feb 1. 2012)

This fall, three student groups completed replications of CURP QUESTION #2: Behavioral Synchrony and Dyadic Rapport. We can receive videos of dyads via drop box now.