BIOL 226: Genes, Evolution, Diversity and Ecology – NS, SM

An introduction to the concepts and study of Mendelian and population genetics, evolution, ecology, and a systematic survey of life on earth. Includes laboratory. Prerequisite: BIOL 125 with a C- or better. (4)

BIOL 353: Invertebrate Zoology

The study of invertebrate animals emphasizing their classification, anatomy, physiology and natural history. Coverage will also include the economic and human health importance of select groups. Laboratory emphasis on identification, taxonomy and anatomy. Field trips to observe living representatives. Prerequisite: BIOL 126 (or BIOL 323) or consent of instructor. (4)

BIOL 368: Ecology

Organisms in relation to their environment, including organismal adaptations, population growth and interactions, and ecosystem structure and function. Prerequisite: BIOL 126 (or BIOL 323). (4)

BIOL 369: Marine Biology

The ocean as environment for plant and animal life; an introduction to the structure, dynamics, and history of marine ecosystems. Lab, field trips, and term project in addition to lecture. Prerequisite: BIOL 126 (or BIOL 323). (4)

ENVT 350: Environmental Methods of Investigation

Study of a watershed using and integrating techniques and principles of environmental sciences, political science, economics, and ethics. Includes laboratory. Prerequisites: Lines #1-3 completed or consent of instructor. (4)