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Vpstart Submissions

So, let's say you've got a play that you want to direct as an Vpstart show. What do you need to know? Well, let's start with...

Vpstart Crow's Mission:

To give students more theatre-based opportunities by supplementing the PLU mainstage season with student-produced, experimental, minimalist theatre.

Basically, we want Vpstart to shake things up a little, either through play choice, or production concept, or directing style, or... whatever "experimental" means to you. When you're ready to submit the show, this is what we're looking for:

Submissions must include:

        (A) A resumé detailing the experience and qualifications of the director.

        (B) Directorial concept, including a synopsis and copy of the script.

        (C) A breakdown of practical considerations: cast & crew requirements, estimated budget (include cost of rights), etc. as specific as possible.

        (D) How the submission helps to accomplish Vpstart’s mission.

The criteria on which a submission will be judged are:

        (A) The abilities of the director to oversee all aspects of production.

        (B) The strength of the concept and the show chosen.

        (C) How the submission fulfills the Vpstart mission, and how the production would compliment the Mainstage season; both how it would fit in and what it would add.

These guidelines come straight from the Vpstart Crow Constitution, which can be found here.

The source of all knowledge and clarification for Vpstart is apo@plu.edu, so please feel free to email with questions.