Vpstart Crow

This project began in 2007, when a small group of theatre students decided to take initiative and give themselves another arena in which to create. The idea was founded on an ardent desire to push themselves and each other as individual practitioners as far as they could by working with new forms of theatre rarely accessed by students at PLU before. The focus centered on avant-garde, minimalist productions, as these provided the best opportunity for individual discovery and growth. 

Though Vpstart is an ever-changing being, one that dons different faces as those who encounter it leave their marks, these fundamental principles have and will continue to remain the same. The Vpstart Crow is, at its core, a lens, an opportunity, a path that exists for those students who have a drive and desire to push the envelope; those who have the initiative to take an idea and infuse it with life; those who possess an irrepressible passion to pursue the challenges that experimental theatre presents. 

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