In their words: In the year 2007 A.D, after ages of dark and improv-less turmoil, 
there arose an appointed few who sought to bring a unique light into this world.
They named themselves The CLAY CROWS. 
Many moons have passed since that day, 
and still the CROWS continue their legacy
with weekly workshops and epic performances.

In other words: The CLAY CROWS are PLU's resident improv team. Their audition-based group performs theatre created on the spot for audiences every month. Auditions are held a few times a year, depending on the size of the team. Anyone is eligible to audition, though it is recommended that those interested come to multiple workshops. For more information, contact


Top row, L-R: Ryan Sundberg '15, Thomas Robinson '13, David Gordon '14, Jill Heinecke '13, Frank Roberts '13
Bottom row: Tova Lyng '15, Josh Parmenter '15, Myia Johnson '13, Ali Schultz '14, Jessica Lenczycki '15

(Current CROWS in bold.)


Clockwise: Angie Tennant '12, Thomas Robinson '13, Lars Foster-Jorgensen '11, Frank Roberts '13, Jorden Beck '12

If you want to see the Crows in action, here are some videos just for you!

The Clay Crows at NCII 2013.
The Clay Crows playing 'Serious Actor' in the CK for Passport Weekend.
The Clay Crows at CIT 2011.
The Clay Crows at CIT 2009.

The CROWS, past and present:

Chris Staudinger '08†
Justin Huertas '09
Val Kissel '09†
Katie Rice '09†
Kristina Corbitt '10†
Andrea Hackett '10 †
Stevie Pearce '10†
Anne Olsen '10†
Paul E. Richter '10†
Dylan Twiner '10†
Lars Foster-
        Jorgensen '11
Jordan Beck '12
David Matlock '12
Angie Tennant '12
Jill Heinecke '13
Myia Johnson '13
Frank Roberts '13
Thomas Robinson '13
David Gordon '14^
Ali Schultz '14^
Jessica Lenczycki '15^
Tova Lyng '15^
Josh Parmenter '15^
Ryan Sundberg '15^

†denotes original CROWS

^denotes current CROWS

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