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Mainstage Submissions

Submissions Are Open!

Submissions for the Fall 2014 APO Mainstage show are due Wednesday, Feb. 19. 

Please turn in all complete submissions to the submission box located in the Script Library. 

The APO Council and Theatre faculty will review the submissions, and a decision will be

announced by Monday, March 3.


Guidelines for the APO Mainstage Show Submissions:

You are eligible to submit if:

       a)    You have:

1.     Taken and passed Directing 1 OR

2.     Served as Stage Manager/ Assistant Director for a Mainstage production OR

3.     Directed a full length production at PLU AND

 b) You are a member of Alpha Psi Omega, or you qualify and intend to join APO in the Spring of 2014

A complete submission must include the following:

            a)  The completed ‘Submission Form

            b)  A copy of the script

            c)   A tentative rehearsal schedule

            d)  Two pages or less describing your production concept. Include why you chose the play, what excites you about it, etc.  How does this production benefit APO, its members, and the Mainstage Season? Also include any other considerations that you feel are important to your submission.

Director Responsibilities

Directing the APO Show is a large undertaking, one full of responsibilities. 
The following is a brief list of things that the director will be expected to oversee.
 Please read this list carefully before submitting to direct. 

1.     Rehearsal Spaces: You will be expected to schedule your own rehearsals and book your own rehearsal space(s) through Conferences and Events. They can be reached at 253-535-7450. If you are planning on using any of the spaces in the Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, you must clear this with Henry Loughman.

2.     Tech Set and Strike: You are responsible for overseeing the entire technical process for your production, from the first production meeting to the end of strike.  This includes finding your designers, setting a tech timeline, and insuring that your set and strike meet Henry Loughman’s standards. As with all shows, the set, lights, sound, costumes, and props must be completely struck directly after the show closes.  Please consult Henry before and during the production process.

3.     Financial Responsibilities: Rights and Scripts will be paid for by the department. You will have a budget of $1,000 for all other expenses. It is your responsibility to monitor your spending. Just because you have a $1,000, doesn’t mind you have to spend it all.  In the slightest, you should strive to break even. Reimbursements and all other financial matters are handled by the APO Business Manager.       

4.     Regular meetings with the APO Officers: You will be asked to meet regularly with the Officers to give any updates, bring up any concerns, and do an overall check-in. During this time, please let the Officers know what you will be borrowing from the PLU Theatre Program (if anything) as well as any production costs that arise.