Past APO Productions

Dylan Bakka ('14) behind Josh Parmenter ('15) in Buried Child\

Buried Child
by Sam Shepard, Directed by Frank Roberts '13

Accidental Love: The APO One-Act Festival
     Between Red and White by Kate Howland '12, Directed by Josh Parmenter '15
     Porcelain and Pink by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Directed by Mitchell Helton '15
     Forbidden Fruit by George Jay Smith, Directed by Jill Heinecke '13


The Seagull
 by Anton Chekhov, translated by Tom Stoppard,      Directed by Noam Blanks '11

Killing Time: The APO One-Act Festival   
      Waiting by Ethan Coen, Directed by Mark Adam Rud '12
       Suzy Lee's Egg Errand by T.R. Robinson '13, Directed by           Jordan Fermstad '11
       The Man with the Flower in His Mouth by Luigi                           Pirandello, Directed by Lars Foster-Jorgensen '11

The APO 24-Hour One-Act Festival:
 created by Lars Foster-Jorgensen '11, Jill            Heinecke '13, Frank Roberts '13, and Angie Tennant '13
       This Sucks created by Emily Anderson '12, Kate Howland           '12, Olivia Hustoft '12, and Mark Rud '12
       A Proposed History of the Banana created by Noam                   Blanks '11, Myia Johnson '13, and Thomas Robinson '13


The Skin of Our Teeth by Thorton Wilder, Directed by                       Kristina Corbitt '10

Does It Make A Sound?: The APO One-Act Festival
       Act Without Words by Samuel Beckett, Directed by Jon           Lee '09
       Breakthrough: A Musical Revue Conceived and Directed           by Erin Dorn '10, Music Directed by Noam Blanks '11
       Heliocentric by Dylan Twiner '10, Directed by Kirsten               Helland '10


Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan, Directed by Julianna                   Brei-Crawley '07

The APO One-Act Festival:
       For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
 by Christopher                       Durang, Directed by Natalie Heikkenan '08
       Heartbeats by Mas August Falkenberg, Directed by Ingrid        Running '07
       Another Hundred People: A Musical Revue, Directed by           Justin Huertas '09


A Midsummer Night's Dream 
by William Shakespeare, Directed by Jordan Beck '12

Loss... And Found: The APO One-Act Festival
     Recklessness by Eugene O'Neill, Directed by Frank Roberts '13
     Otter Pops by Alex Eddy, Directed by Cori DeVerse '14
     Poor Little Doggy by Myia Johnson '13, Directed by Thomas Robinson '13


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis,             Directed by Travis Morris '10

World Premiers: The APO One-Act Festival
     Rocko's Post-Modern Life by Paul E. Richter '10,                         Directed by Rose Gonzales '10
     Robbing Midnight by Angie Tennant '12, Directed by                 Abigail Pishaw '12
     Straight Date by Justin Huertas '09, Directed by David         Ellis '11

One Song at a Time: A Haiti Benefit ConcertDirected by             Erin Dorn '10


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard,      Directed by Tristan Morris '08

Trapped: The APO One-Act Festival
      Snowed In by Kristina Saldana, Directed by Sara                         Hoagland '08
     Trifles by Susan Glaspell, Directed by Steven Davis '08
     The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, Directed by Travis                 Tingvall '10