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The house of MacAnderlough shall stand for those whose strengths lie in areas of technical theatre, those who appreciate post-conceptual justification, servant leadership, and those who are best known for their fortitude and their work behind-the-scenes. The house colors of MacAnderlough shall be green and brown, and the house symbol shall be the Genie

Current Members:
Kraig Partridge ('14)
Beth Steele ('14)
Mariah Madden ('14)
Josh Parmenter ('15)
Kayli Felbinger ('15)

Past Members: Kimberly Henry ('08) Jess Lee ('08) Matthew Johnson ('08) Valorie Kissel ('09) Emily Smith ('09) Svea VanAtter ('09) Sara Aist ('11) Adam Hoagland ('11) Catrina Nadja Vroman ('11) Osa Jubilee Forrester ('12) Rebecca Hines ('13) Frank Roberts ('13) Lisa Harrington ('13)