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The house of Desmondbard shall stand for those with an intense fervor for acting and literature, those who possess a quick wit and intellect, who are poetic, passionate, and eloquent. The house colors of Desmondbard shall be royal blue and silver, and the house symbol shall be the Sphinx.  

Current Members:

Sarah Makar ('14)

Dylan Bakka ('14)
Corissa DeVerse ('14)
Lia Lee ('15)
Erik Wolf-Rowland ('15)
Amelia Heath ('15)
Cameron Waters ('16)
Hannah Jeske ('16)
Jessi Marlow ('16)

Past Members: Sara Hoagland ('08) Candice Hughes ('08) Julie Wolfson ('08) Brie Yost ('08) Lauren Nance ('09) Niclas Olsen ('09) Katie Rice ('09) Erin Dorn ('10) Clare Marie Edgerton ('10) Noam Blanks ('11) Emily Anderson ('12) Kate Howland ('12) Mark Rud ('12) Angie Tennant ('12)