The Theta Pi Cast is made up of four different houses, which are listed on the sidebar. Upon induction into APO, each member will be sorted into the house that most closely aligns with their specialties. House affiliation is for purely recreational purposes. For more information, email

Clockwise from top left: Jill Heinecke ('12), David Gordon ('13)*, Darien Upshaw ('14)*, and Ali Schultz ('14)* form Becvarium. Beth Steele ('14)*, Frank Roberts ('13), Mariah Madden ('14)*, Kayli Felbinger ('15)*, Lisa Harrington ('13), Josh Parmenter ('15)*, Becca Hines ('13), and Kraig Partridge ('14)* form MacAnderlough. Sarah Hubert ('16)*, Thomas Robinson ('13), Mitchell Helton ('15)*, Myia Johnson ('13), and Jack Sorensen ('13) form Pendleclapp. Dylan Bakka ('14)*, Amelia Heath ('15)*, Corissa DeVerse ('14)*, and Cameron Waters ('16)* form Desmondbard.
* denotes current member