Current Officers:

Alicia Zachary- Erickson serves as one of our co-presidents. She is a senior Anthropology and English Literature double major with a minor in French. Her interests in anthropology are focused primarily under the cultural branch, with interests in food, kinship and identity. Email Alicia at

Our other co-president is Theodore Charles. Ted is a senior Anthropology major with an interest in historical archaeology. Ask Ted about field schools! Email Ted at

Our treasurer is Miranda Owen, a senior Anthropology major and Art minor. Miranda's focus in anthropology is on museum studies. She is looking into the museum studies program at UW after PLU. Email Miranda at

Our activities coordinator is Becca Hines. Becca is a junior Anthropology and Theatre double major. Her interests are in Primatology, or anything that has to do with non-human primates. She is looking to the primate behavior program at CWU after PLU. Email Becca at

Our advisor is Dr. Bradford W. Andrews.  Dr. Andrews is an associate professor with the University.  He is an archaeologist with extensive work in Mesoamerican lithic technology.  He can be e-mailed here.

Leadership Opportunities:

Students who are interested in expanding their college experience through leadership within the Anthropology Club are strongly suggested to contact the current officers. Because our officers are upperclassmen, we would love to pass the ostrich egg down to underclass students to pick up and carry on the mission and goals of the club. Further, officer work with a club will give any student a greater understanding for planning, organization, marketing, advertising, and leadership, not to mention the ability to use an experience such as this on a resume or curriculum vitae.  Interested students are asked to contact any of the the current officers at the above e-mail or at the Club e-mail.  

Previous Officers:

Ashli Anderson
   Vice Presidents   Jessica Garber & Alicia Zachary-Erickson
  Ted Charles
   Advisor   Dr. Bradford Andrews

Laura Johnson 
   Vice President   Elisa Hoelter 
   Secretary   Ashli Anderson 
   Advisor   Dr. Bradford Andrews 

Jeanese Heim 
   Vice President   Kevin Stark
   Advisor   Dr. Bradford Andrews

Lindsey Zager
   Vice President   Kevin Stark, Amanda Wilkins
   Advisor   Dr. Bradford Andrews 

Whittaker Harpel 
   Advisor   Dr. Bradford Andrews 

Stefanie Midlock 
   Vice President   Paula Stewart
   Secretary   Jeni Morris 
  Webmaster    Kirsten Lysen 


April Reitan
  High Preistess   Rosie Search 
   Council of Elders   Camilla Fjeldstad, Andy Koessler, Mark Hammond
  Advisor    Dr. David Huelsbeck 

April Reitan 
   Vice President   Dave Forsyth 
   Secretary   Sharon Walker
   Treasurer   Dennis Eller 
   Advisor   Dr. Elizabeth Brusco 

Allison Snow 
   Vice President   Sara Prengal 
   Secretary   Doris Grage 
   Advisor   Dr. Elizabeth Brusco 

Lori Grimberg 
   Vice President   Jody Barfoot 
   Secretary   Micah Steinhilb 
   Treasurer   Jennifer Johnson 
   Advisor   Dr. John Cinnamon 

Katie Gitch, Kate Riede 
   Advisor   Dr. Elizabeth Brusco

Kara Holland 
   Vice President   Richard Hoff 
   Advisor   Dr. Laura Klein 


Tony King 
   Vice President   Pat Crane 
   Secretary/Treasurer   Becky Sandstrom
  Activities Coordinator    Elizabeth Favino
Dr. Elizabeth Brusco