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Newsletter #42 Spring 2011


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Newsletter #1 Fall 2010

Welcome new and returning members of Anthropology Club!
I hope everyone has had a relaxing summer and is enjoying the first week of the new semester!

We’d like to invite you to our first meeting of the year, this coming Sunday (September 12th) at 8:30p.m. in Xavier 140 (a.k.a. anthro lab). At this meeting we plan to discuss upcoming events and what kinds of things you would like to see from Anthropology Club this year. We will plan to have the club meetings be the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

If you have signed up for anthro club because you just wanted to come to only certain events, we would appreciate your input at that first meeting. i.e. Let us know what You think we could do to make Those specific events even more of an enjoyable, relaxing break from studies. If you don’t want to give input, but would like to come and listen to what others have to say at the meeting, that’s fine too.

Our first event:
Venturing to the Museum of Glass.
We will be going to Preston Singletary’s art exhibit. What he does is incorporate his Tlingit ancestry into his glass artwork.
When? Sunday, September 19th
Admission would be free.
We would meet in front of Harstad at 12:50 p.m.
We would just have to pay for the all day bus pass, which is only $3.50 (you are welcome to bring more money)
Still Interested?
We would walk together and catch the bus at Parkland Transit Center and then walk across the Bridge of Glass to the Museum.  While at the museum we could explore the exhibit as well as the other exhibits and the hot shop (live demonstrations of glass blowing).  After our visit, we could go to a local shop called Hello Cupcake and sit down and talk about the visit.

If you are Still Interested and will without a doubt write it in your calendar that you will be going to this event, please reply and let me know as soon as possible. Feel free to email and ask questions or give your input, too.
For those of you who signed the sheet for this event at the Involvement Fair, I am glad you showed interest in this event, but I would appreciate it if you confirm once more that you are still planning on going.

Our second event:
Journeying to the Greek Festival at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tacoma.
This is a great event to learn about another culture and experience some traditional Greek dancing, food, and music!
When? Sunday October 3rd
There is free parking and free admission, but if you want to buy lunch you should bring some money.
We plan to leave around noon and head back to campus around 1:45 p.m.
(A flyer of this event is sent as an attachment in this email)
Still Interested in this event? Have Questions? Have Input? Please let me know

There are other Upcoming Events to look forward to: visiting Burkley Rock Shelter Site up at Mount Rainier, practicing throwing spears with Atl Alts (spear-throwers), and venturing to Chimpanzee Human Communication Institute (the chimps have the ability to communicate via American Sign Language).

There will be more detail about these and other events after our first meeting on September 12th.

Thanks again for your interest in Anthropology Club! If you have any questions feel free to write back to or contact me personally at

Ashli Anderson
Anthropology Club President

P.S. As mentioned in the beginning of this Newsletter, we will plan to have the club meetings be the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. This means that the second anthro club meeting will be September 26th. During that meeting we might have a reunion for the students who went to Tribal Journeys this summer (see attachment in this email for more info. I hope you can read it, my scanner was giving me trouble). This will be a great chance to hear their experiences when they interacted with people who were a part of the Makah Culture in Neah Bay , Washington. There is a JTerm course this year that allows students to go to Neah Bay, so if any of you are interested and have questions about what Neah Bay entails, those students and/or I will try to inform you as much as we can at this meeting!