The 3rd edition of the Glider Summer School ends successfully

The 3rd edition of the Glider Summer School ends successfullyToday, July 27th 2012, after two weeks of intense training, has successfully ended the 3rd edition of the Glider Summer School organized by PLOCAN. During that period, students have enjoyed a formative period where both theoretical and practical activities have been entwined to provide them the best possible approach for better understanding and use on underwater glider technology.

The highlighted and active participation from related sector companies and institutions has provided a valuable insight to the teaching content of the school, which unanimously, has been expressed by the students attending.

As a final act of this year, was held the awarding of diplomas lead by José Joaquin Hernández Brito, PLOCAN’s Manager, to then give way for a meal enjoyed by all students together with the tutors from PLOCAN directly involved.

PLOCAN staff is already working on next expected edition for 2013.


16th July 2012- Opening ceremony of the Summer School on underwater gliders 

The Canary Islands Oceanic Platform -PLOCAN- as International Excellence Campus (CEI) promoter, within the framework of MaReS transnational cooperation project of the Macaronesian archipelagos in a common strategy for research and technological development in marine sciences, energy and climate change, has scheduled a Summer School on autonomous underwater gliders with will involve students, teachers, institutes and universities from several countries. 

The two-weeks Glider Summer School "Gliders", has been opened today Monday 16th July at the Canarian Institute of Marine Sciences-ICCM- auditorium in Taliarte, by the Chancellor of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, José Regidor Garcia, the ICCM’s director, Esther Caceres del Toro and the PLOCAN’s director, Octavio Llinás Gonzalez. 
The aim is to provide an overview on the state of the art and the basic functional and operational principles of such underwater vehicles a group of twelve students from Portugal, Cape Verde, Sweden and Spain, with the collaboration and participation of 17 international specialized companies in the field of ocean observing systems. The educational content includes both theoretical and practical sessions, being these last both laboratory and open waters of Gran Canaria. 

Nowadays PLOCAN own several underwater gliders units and technologies that will be displayed and used by students during the School as examples of the different options that market currently offers. In parallel, the School will provide information through the manufacturers, on new glider developments, including a detailed view on sensor modules and accessories able to be fitted in this type of marine observation platforms. 

Scientific applications underwater gliders 

Students will have the opportunity to know the interactions between different ocean observing platforms, operational capabilities and synergies, data management and physical and biochemical sensors, among others. They will have also the support of a significant representation of specialized companies internationally, as well as some of the reference institutes, universities and research centers related to this research and technology sector in Europe and USA. 
The information collected by the gliders and the results from scientific missions carried out, as well as the experience of the Laboratory Coastal Ocean Observation of Rutgers University and (RU-COOL) the Everyone’s Gliding Observatories (EGO) Network, are some of the contents that complete the course program which will ends on Friday 27th July. 
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