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Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College
Career Guidance Department

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Upcoming Events
Jan 20 F3 Career Exploration Day
Jul 2020 Parents Evening – Preparing for the HKDSE Results Release Day
Jul 2020 - Aug 2020 Guidance to S6 students after the Release of the HKDSE results
Jul 2020 HKACMGM Summer Career-Related Experience Scheme

Oct 2019 HYC Workshop

Feb 2020 懲教署 - 思囚之路活動後分享會
Feb 2020 中電「校園工程」計劃 - 認識工程師
Mar 2020 積金局 - 生涯規劃 Get Set Go

Nov 2019 HYC Subject Selection Strategies Talk
Feb 2020 F.4 Subject Selection Talk 
May 2020 Alumni & Students Sharing on Subject Selection

Oct 2019 簡介資歷架構
Nov 2019 「行行出狀元」青年就業講座
Feb - May 2020 YDC Programme

Nov 2019 HYC Group Counselling
Nov 2019 OUHK -學習有法
Nov 2019 Career Mapping
Feb  2020 JUPAS Introduction
Mar 2020 PLK Gifted and Talented Programme – CUHK Exploration Day
Jun 2020 Alumni’s Multiple Pathway Talk 
Sep 2019 Preparation for JUPAS Application & Career Mapping
Sep 2019 Careers Awareness Development & JUPAS Strategies Talk
Oct 2019 HYC Mock Interview Workshop
Oct 2019 Taiwan Higher Education Fair
Nov 2019 S6 SLP & JUPAS Advice
Nov 2019 HKU, HKUST Admission Talks