Welcome to my classroom.  I look forward to a fun and exciting year. Please check this site often for new information and updates.




2017-2018 Class Schedule
  1. Prep
  2. 7th Grade Life Skills - MW e/o F // 8th Grade Computers TTH
  3. CS Principles - Robotics
  4. Elementary Keyboarding - MWF // 5th Grade Computers TTH
  5. College & Career Readiness
  6. 6th Grade Computers - 1st Semester ( MWF)// 7th Grade Computers 2nd Semester (MWF)// Elementary Computers - all year (TTH)
  7. Elementary Computers  (MW) // Computer Science Discoveries (T TH e/o F)

Helpful Information

Contact Me
  • Email me at school
  • Call me at school - 406-772-5666 ext. 305
  • I am available before school at 7:30 am M-F
  • I am available after school until 3:45 pm M-TH (will stay later if needed) and until 3:00 on Fridays.
Helpful Links

  • Common Sense Media - website for parents to help teach Digital Citizenship to their children.  These lessons are implemented throughout the Elementary Computers curriculum.
  • Google Classroom - students can have access to their Google Classroom account both in school and at home as needed.  Parents are encouraged to see what students are creating within this classroom system.
  • Typing.com - students will be using this site for some of their keyboarding learning.  Student can also login at home and work on their keyboarding skills.
  • Everfi - students will be using this site for some of their Digital Citizenship lessons.  This is also used for some of our Life Skills curriculum.
  • Hour of Code - students participate in this event in December.  This is a great place to learn basic computer coding!  Give your student a head start in this vast and quickly growing field.  Learn more about the importance of learning computer science - check out this link!
Curriculum Information

  • Plevna Schools K-12 Computer/Technology Skills (PDF)
  • Montana Technology Standards