Welcome to my classroom.  I look forward to a fun and exciting year. Please check this site often for new information and updates.




2017-2018 Class Schedule
  1. Prep
  2. 7th Grade Life Skills - MW e/o F // 8th Grade Computers TTH
  3. CS Principles - Robotics
  4. Elementary Keyboarding - MWF // 5th Grade Computers TTH
  5. College & Career Readiness
  6. 6th Grade Computers - 1st Semester ( MWF)// 7th Grade Computers 2nd Semester (MWF)// Elementary Computers - all year (TTH)
  7. Elementary Computers  (MW) // Computer Science Discoveries (T TH e/o F)

Helpful Information

Contact Me
  • Email me at school
  • Call me at school - 406-772-5666 ext. 305
  • I am available before school at 7:30 am M-F
  • I am available after school until 3:45 pm M-TH (will stay later if needed) and until 3:00 on Fridays.
Career Planning Information
  • Montana Careers Information System - home to Montana's Career Resources which provides career development tools and information for everyone from elementary school students to Montana seniors.  Students have accounts and login information.  Anyone can browse the system as a guest for free!
  • New Montana Career Pathways  - Help your child explore career options and plan high school elective courses to set them on their way to a successful career!

Helpful Links

  • Common Sense Media - website for parents to help teach Digital Citizenship to their children.  These lessons are implemented throughout the Elementary Computers curriculum.
  • Google Classroom - students can have access to their Google Classroom account both in school and at home as needed.  Parents are encouraged to see what students are creating within this classroom system.
  • Typing.com - students will be using this site for some of their keyboarding learning.  Student can also login at home and work on their keyboarding skills.
  • Everfi - students will be using this site for some of their Digital Citizenship lessons.  This is also used for some of our Life Skills curriculum.
  • Hour of Code - students participate in this event in December.  This is a great place to learn basic computer coding!  Give your student a head start in this vast and quickly growing field.  Learn more about the importance of learning computer science - check out this link!
Curriculum Information

  • Plevna Schools K-12 Computer/Technology Skills (PDF)
  • Montana Technology Standards