June 1 Sock Snakes and May 31 Monsters Closed!

Due to HIGH demand I would like to offer additional spaces for Monster/AnimalĀ  Stuffy sewing. Currently I will open up 6 spots on Wednesday, May 30 from 12:00-3:00 (at the same time as Needle Felting). If more spaces are needed I will look into alternative days as well. Thank you for your continued interest, I am thrilled so many of my students want to create!

Due to lack of demand, I will be cancelling the 8-10am (3rd-6th grade camp) the second week. In its place I am working on offering more times for special art camps.

Announcing....2018 Summer Art Camp!!
Last year's Art Camp was AMAZING and SPECTACULAR! My first ever art camps and the first for nearly all of my students, all of us were a little unsure of how it would go, but we created beautiful masterpieces along with the desire to create more! 2018 is here and I am ready to get this ball moving!

A few changes this year...
1. In addition to my regular week long art camps I will be offering 3-one day specialty art camps only open to students currently in grades 4th-6th. These include needle felting, sock snake sewing, and stuffed animal/monster designing and sewing. The two sewing classes will be limited in numbers due to the need for sewing machines, however, if you have one you are comfortable with you student bringing and using that will open up the availability for more students to be able to attend!
2. Preschool art camp will be held for 3 days, 1.5 hours each instead of the 5-1 hour days. I believe by doing this we will be able to accomplish much more in our time together.
3. Camp will be open to include the current 6th grade students!
4. More camp opportunities... not only are specialty camps offered, but with the exception of PK camp there will be 3 different time/date opportunities for K-2 and 3-6!
5. Paper registration is available this year, please pick up a packet from my classroom, if using paper registration Cash is preferred over checks, though still accepted, and PayPal is still a payment option.