Welcome to Mrs. Rushing's class for the 2018-2019 school year!

Mrs. Rushing

Julie Rushing



Homework- Week of 1/28 - 2/1

Spelling words can be found on Spelling City.

Monday 1/28 - Unit #13 Spelling Choice List

Tuesday 1/29 - Unit #13 Spelling Choice List

Wednesday 1/30 - Unit 13 Sentences

Thursday 1/31 - Unit #13 - Spelling City assignment - Test tomorrow

Friday 2/1 - Unit #13 Spelling Test

*Math Homework will be assigned on a daily basis (3-4 nights per week) and is individualized. Please refer to your child's planner/organizer for specific assignments. All assignments are due the next day unless noted otherwise. Thanks for your support!

Class Schedules for next year! - Please submit the form to me no later than Feb. 8th.

3rd Quarter Overview

Here is a snap shot of what we have been studying/learning so far...

Grammar - We have been focusing on regular and irregular verbs with a focus on present, past, and past participle. See below for an example:

    • to laugh laughs (s)-present laughed - past (has, have, or had) laughed - past participle
    • We are also working on determining when to use you're, your, they're, their, and there.

Writing - Students are working on sentence construction using their prepositional phrases. Each week, your children practice revising simple sentences into masterpiece sentences.


Simple Sentence that includes a subject and a predicate - The cat sat.

Masterpiece Sentence that also includes adjectives and prepositional phrases -

At midnight, the orange fluffy cat sat on the roof above the garage.

  • We are now incorporating compound and complex sentences as well.


We could walk through the woods, or we could walk along the road. Compound

Although he was wealthy, he was still unhappy. Complex

Students are also receiving weekly instruction and practice with paragraph development. Students are using a Step Up To Writing graphic organizer to organize their writing. Students are working through the writing process of brainstorming, completing a graphic organizer/outline, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.

Spelling - Students are continuing to work on weekly spelling units.

Reading - Based on IEP goals and beginning of the year assessments, students having been placed in a a reading group and we have small group instruction 3 days per week. Small group and whole group instruction continues to focus on decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary.

We are also enjoying reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School. Ask your child about the characters from the book. They are following along as I read the book aloud.

Math - On a daily basis, we continue to practice basic operations through calculations and word problems. Homework is picking up and students can expect homework 2-3 days per week. Homework is individualized so please look at your child's organizer/planner for assignments. All work is due the next day unless a due date is recorded in the planner. Thanks!