Mrs. Parr

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Mrs. Parr

Foothill High School

ELL & 10 English

Course Information 2018-2019

Twitter = @MrsParrD11

Welcome all readers, writers, listeners, and thinkers! I’m thrilled to have you in my class this year. We’ll have opportunities to work individually, in pairs, and in groups to explore great literature, improve academic vocabulary, advance our communication and writing skills, and discover more about how we learn and process information.

Our selected literature will cover short stories, poetry, a Shakespeare masterpiece, and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (for 10 grade). Additionally, we will be reading a range of nonfiction articles to complement the curriculum.

This year is very exciting because PUSD has recently adopted new English Language Arts textbook materials in order to be in better compliance with Common Core Standards. Our class will use these materials this year, so get ready for some new experiences!


Everything we do in class will be under the umbrella of a few basic principles:


Remember that you should be proactive about your academic career. You have the power to choose success.


Please come to class with the following items: 1) NOTEBOOK for journal writing plus appropriate reading materials, textbooks, assigned reading, and S.S.R. books.

2) Loose college-ruled paper for writing assignments and homework.

3) Pencils and pens.

4) Vocabulary index cards. (These cards are optional but highly recommended.)

5) A BINDER with dividers just for English class. Daily notes and class information will be part of this binder.

6) At least two different colored highlighters for annotations.


All assignments, tests, projects, and essays will be graded on a points system and placed in one of three categories.

1) Reading (Reading/vocabulary quizzes, projects, tests, homework) 35% *

2) Writing (Essays, paragraphs, letters) 45% *

3) Listening/Speaking/Participation/ (Blog responses, class participation, speaking and listening homework) 20% *

*These are categories determined and approved by our department. The grading weights for each category are also department-approved and consistent among ELL & 10 classes.


Kindly remove your hat when entering the classroom. (It’s also a school rule.)

Please be in your seat and ready to learn at the beginning of class with all materials. We will journal at the beginning of each class for five minutes everyday. There is no excuse for being late to class. I follow the discipline guidelines for Foothill attendance; consequences will be enforced in accordance with school policy.

Please raise your hand when you would like to contribute to classroom discussions.

Please refrain from eating, gum chewing, and drinking when in class. Only water is allowed. (3rd period may have a quick snack before class begins during morning announcements.)

Cell phones are to be TURNED OFF and placed in backpacks for the duration of the class period. Backpacks should be placed on the ground, not on your lap. Second and subsequent cell phone violations are subject to detention – a Foothill High School policy.

Although I will excuse you for emergencies, it is your responsibility to use the rest room during passing periods. Please plan accordingly. If you must use the restroom please exit one student at a time from the back using the posted pass. Classes will not be excused if the pass is missing.

Because there are many nuances and details associated with a grade, including the fact that overall grades often naturally fluctuate with assignments, you are free to talk to me about these grades during office hours or at a scheduled meeting. Please don’t email me about your grade – I want to give you my full attention.

There are no extra credit assignments or extra credit given in this class. (We have agreed as a department that this rule will be followed in ALL English classes.) Do the assignment to the best of your ability the first time.

You must do your own work. Tutors, parents, siblings, and family members cannot write your papers or complete your projects.


Late Work/Absent Work

Homework assignments are collected at the beginning of class. Late work will receive 50% of full credit value. Late homework or absent homework must be placed in the appropriate bin in the back of the classroom.

Homework will be posted in google classroom and on the board everyday – often a week in advance.

Absent students may retrieve handouts from the back of the room or from me.

If you were absent you must first check google classroom, the board in the front of the room for homework clarification, the back the room (in the marked bins) for the missing handouts, AND ask a partner about what was completed in class BEFORE coming to me. The questions are then more specific and productive.

Rather than:

“Did we do anything yesterday?”

One should ask:

“I noted that the class did a vocabulary review and read the first pages of the assignment. I picked up the assignment in the back of the room and have started to annotate it. I also checked with my partner to get the new vocabulary words. Did I miss anything here?”

In cases of absences you will have the same number of days to make up an assignment as you missed in class; however, all major essays and projects will be given with enough advance notice to complete. These final due dates will be enforced even if you’re absent.

The class will be dismissed by me -- not by the clock. I have the privilege of telling you to “Have a nice day” before you walk out of “my home.”

Office Hours

I am here everyday at lunch and have a released FLEX which means that I can hold extra students if you need the help (unless I have a meeting). If you know you’re going to come in please tell me in advance so I’m prepared.

You will be assigned a Parent letter assignment next week. That is why these notes are important. link: