Classroom Rules

Mr. Lee’s Classroom Rules Room 707

    1. Be Respectful to other students and teachers
    2. Raise your hand!
    3. Do not leave your desk without raising your hand.
    4. Be responsible and clean up after yourself.
    5. Be kind to each other.
    6. Never quit! Never Stop trying!
    7. Try not to be late to class.
    8. Complete and turn in your homework on time.
    9. Use the restroom and get water during break time.
    10. Don’t run in the classroom
    11. Practice the “Golden Rule”
    12. Don’t yell in the classroom
    13. Don’t draw or write on the whiteboard without permission
    14. Always write your name, date, period, and title on every assignment.
    15. Ask for help whenever you need it
    16. Ask for permission to enter the classroom library
    17. Always do your best.
    18. Be honest and show compassion.
    19. Do not use bad language.
    20. Come into class quietly and be ready to learn.
    21. School appropriate websites only
    22. Do not give out personal information to strangers online!