McCutcheon's Marathoners

5th Grade

Fairlands Elementary School

Visitors on campus / Volunteer clearance: Thank you for keeping our campus safe and secure by signing in at the office with your photo ID. There are now three different types of security clearances:

Level 1: When visiting or volunteering on campus, adults are asked to drop their photo ID into the computer “Raptor” device to receive a sticker badge. Please remember to sign out as well to help us maintain an accurate count of who is on campus in case of an emergency.

Level 2: When chaperoning on field trips off-campus, adults must also complete the online clearance by accessing THIS form.

Level 3: When chaperoning an overnight event, fingerprints and TB test will be required.

Field/Bike Path Gate clarification: Please note that students are allowed to exit the campus at the field/bike path gate at both 1:55 and 2:50 dismissals. Parents/guardians may meet their students on the off-campus side of the gate. Please be certain to identify a consistent pick up/drop off-plan with your child.

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