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Supporting The Program

We often get the question, “What can I (or my company) to do help?”

Companies, individuals, and professional organizations interested in helping keep the program relevant, engaging, and sustainable can help in two significant ways, through active participation and through financial support/sponsorship.  Our most pressing needs are for the active participation and you'll find more below about ways to participate. For more information or to discuss a donation or sponsorship, please contact us.

Active Involvement

Opportunities to support the program may include:

·         Guest speakers:  providing guest speakers to talk to students about the wide variety of occupations available to them

·         Mentors:  mentors for robotics team and individual students 

·         Field Trips:  give students the opportunity to go field trips to companies or facilities where they can see engineers and related professionals in action (a bus for a local field trip may cost $800+)

·        Internships/Externships:  consider ways you might be able to provide internships to our most promising students or externships to our teachers so they can bring that experience back into the classroom

Current Needs

Current needs are broken into the categories of recurring costs, consumables, and equipment. We leverage grant opportunities from a variety of public and private sources to meet the needs for maintaining and growing the program.  The cost of consumables each year and recurring software licenses will run on average $7k for the high school engineering program.  In addition, we have a current need for purchase about $8,000 in equipment to implement our 3rd year program, Digital Electronics.  And this summer we will send one high school teachers to two-week training session at a cost of approximately $2,500.   

Financial Support 

 Another way to support the program is to serve on our advisory board which we envision being made up of professionals in engineering or related fields from local business and professional organizations. Financial support will be put towards things such as consumables, recurring software licenses, and teacher training. (see Current Needs).  You can by help with:

·         Grant Opportunity:   Please share any grant opportunities through your employer or elsewhere that you might be aware of and fit well with our mission. 

·         Donations:  One time donations of equipment or funds. 

·         Sponsorship:  Multi-year sponsorship commitments to ensure the sustainability of the program.