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If you have any questions or feedback and/or wish to volunteer, please email Regina Stoops, Ability Awareness.

Updated 9-7-19

Ability Awareness Week is a program run by the Pleasanton PTA Council Special Needs Committee in collaboration with our schools along with tremendous support from the district staff, the Special Education Department, parent liaisons and our incredible parents.

The goal for Ability Awareness Week is to make all students more aware and more empathetic about the diverse range of student abilities in our school district. Through this program, students learn about the challenges a child with special needs faces on a daily basis. The program activities vary between schools and may include assemblies, volunteers reading books about special needs topics, hands-on activities to experience various challenges, and adapted activities during PE. We hope that these fun activities will promote awareness and also educate students about how to ACCEPT–UNDERSTAND–SUPPORT everyone and their differences.

The success of our program is directly the result of the hard work and dedication of our school team leads, and our parent and district volunteers. If you or someone you know would like to join our team or have questions, please email Abilities Awareness.                

SNC Needs Volunteers for

Abilities Awareness Week
at Hearst

Week of February 3rd to 7th

We will Celebrate All Abilities the week of February 3rd - 7th. 

We hope this fun-filled week of activities will promote awareness and also educate students about how to accept, understand and support each other's differences.

We are looking for volunteers to walk our students through hands on activities that briefly simulate different abilities during their Science Lab.  Training and scripts will be provided to all volunteers. 

We are also looking for people to sign up for lunchtimes in the garden, where we will have two activity stations for the volunteers to work on with students.

Additionally, do you, or someone you know, have a different ability that you would feel comfortable talking to the children about?  We would love to have you come and give our students the opportunity to learn how to respectfully ask questions, be compassionate and understand how to communicate effectively about different abilities. Guest speakers will interact with the students during lunchtimes in the garden.

Take a moment now to choose a volunteer slot: Hearst AAW Volunteer Registration

To Volunteer

Contact the Special Needs Committee

2019 - 2020

September 23-27th
Donlon Elementary
Volunteer to Read

August 1
SNC Leads AA Training at PUSD Leadership
September 24-28
Donlon Elementary

November 5-9
Vintage Hills

January 28-
February 1
Walnut Grove Elementary

March 13
Pleasanton Middle School

April 22-26
Hearst Elementary School

September 11
Vintage Hills Elementary

September 11-15
Donlon Elementary

January 22-26 
Walnut Grove Elementary

February 5-9
Lydiksen Elementary

March 1
Pleasanton Middle School

May 21-25
Failands Elementary

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