Ms. Flaherty's Art Studio

Every Child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  ~ Pablo Picasso


    Children are excited about Art! At Plato Academy, they're encouraged to reach into the depths of their imaginations, then go further, with their creativity and individuality.  Much of Art's value is in the process.  We will be experimenting with various mediums, from crayons to paint to oil pastels to paper bags....all the while learning about various artists and periods of Art.  This year, children will be inspired by the art of Monet's Water Lilies, Jackson Pollack's Drip Paintings, Piet Mondrian's de Stijl art with lines and primary colors, and many others.  Success in Art exists in the effort, the process, and whether it makes you think and especially, feel.  Every child at Plato Academy is an artist.  We look forward to another exhilarating year of creativity! 
Ms. Flaherty currently has a Master's in Criminal Justice Administration (unusual maybe- this is her second career:) ).  She has a passion for the Arts and is state certified in Art with an additional 20+ credit hours in elementary education.  Though currrently working on her ESOL Endorsement, she is presently out of field in ESOL.