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The institutions and bodies of the Platform Network have different tasks, responsibilities and legitimation which are described in the following:

An institution or organization has to be proposed and mentored by a member (godmother/ godfather) as new member. With this nomination it becomes an new applicant for membership. By decision of the general assembly new applicants become observers. After getting active within the next three years the general assembly can accept observes as members.
A member becomes observer again either if he not participates in the general assembly for three years or if he not participates in proposed activities for three years.

general meeting
The general meeting is the annual get-together of the members. Each member and observer is responsible to nominate at least one person informing about activities in English. It is hosted by the secretary and organized by the troika. During the general meeting the general assembly is able to adopt decisions. The protocol of the general assembly should contain:
  • to decide about membership
  • to decide about following secretaries
  • to accept activity proposals
  • to schedule important deadlines (f.e. for activity proposals, evaluation, registration)
  • to adjust about further proposals, suggestions or requests of members

The duty of secretary starts and ends with the calendar year (January 1st - December 31st). The secretary is responsible to:
  • host and organize the troika meeting in advance of the general meeting
  • write a protocol of troika meeting
  • host the general assembly and organize the general meeting
  • prepare the evaluation of the Platform Network activities
  • summarize the proposal for future Platform Network activities 
  • write a protocol during the general meeting
  • distribute important information to the members and observers (f.e. via website, hard-copy or e-mail)
  • take editorial care of the website

troika meeting
The Troika is implemented to ensure a continuous process of networking. The troika meets in advance of the general meeting to:
  • summarize suggestions, requests, proposals and open issues by the members
  • prepare the programme for the general meeting
  • share experiences in organization within the Troika