Introduction WOW Email

WOW Email is a separately licensed, fee based add-on that allows users to create, manage and send email from a WOW Application. Another feature of WOW Email is the ability to have email sent to a specific account when someone inserts or updates a field in a specific table. The newest feature of WOW Email is the ability to use a URL call to send email. This is a very powerful feature as it can be set up via a task scheduler to auto run at a time specified by the user.


The uses for WOW Email are almost limitless. You can create a form email and send statements or bills to customers, using replacement variables to fill in their personal information. You can use it to manage and monitor your database by setting up a confirmation email to be sent when someone modifies the database. Anything you can do via webmail or client-based email can be done with WOW Email. Simple, powerful, WOW!