Introduction - Using the WOW Data Engine

The WOW DataEngine is a set of Java based frameworks (APIs) designed to simplify the task of creating data centric applications. These APIs reside beneath the WOW product and allow WOW developers to accomplish any programming task possible with Java/JSP and HTML technologies. The WOW product is intended to allow businesses to easily develop powerful applications without the need to know and use complex technologies such as Java and JSP’s. 

However, we do recognize that WOW will not provide all the features necessary to accomplish all tasks. Thus, WOW is architected in a very open manner and allows custom logic and custom views to be inserted at any point. This is accomplished by powerful code generation and framework technologies. This manual is intended for WOW developers that need to insert custom logic and custom views within their WOW application. Among other things, the DataEngine automatically manages the following features:

1. Extraction of relational database rows into business objects. These business objects can be used for Web based applications or desktop applications. 
2. Update a Row in the database.
3. Delete a Row from the database.
4. Insert a Row into the database.
5. Connection pooling (operates with or without WebSphere)
6. Generation of HTML
7. Generates a List View of multiple Row objects.
8. Generates a Detail View of a single Row object.
9. Extraction of HTML data
10. Extract selected business objects from a List View.
11. Extract HTML detail data into a Row object.