Introduction WOW i5 Gateway

    The WOW i5 Gateway add-on product allows end users to view i5 spool files from the web with a single click. Advanced features also allow for conversion of spool file data into MS Excel and PDF formats. Spool files can be produced with any language or command. The WOW i5 Gateway Repository is used to register, view, and manage existing spool files. Advanced WOW security allows for spool files to be viewable only by authorized users.


The i5 Gateway add-on offers the following features:

  • CL Command Operation – Lets a user create operations that run 1 or more i5 CL commands. The results from the operation call con consist of the spooled file data, job messages and/or the complete i5 joblog.
  • Spooled File Manager – Lets a user view i5 spooled files as inline data, a PDF file, or as an Excel file.
  • i5 External API – Lets a user invoke a URL from a native i5 program (e.g. RPG). The URL can then call a WOW operation which can be used to insert or update data on any DB accessible from the WOW server. The WOW operation can also be used to copy data from operation's results back to a table on the i5.