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       Introduction WOW File Server

WOW File Server (WFS) is a separately licensed, fee-based addon product to the Web Object Wizard (WOW). WFS provides the user the ability to access (download) documents or any other type of file. This product is useful in many different ways. For example, a garbage company has trouble with a customer who constantly parks in front of a pickup zone. The company could send cameras with their drivers, allowing the driver to take a picture of the infraction. This picture could then be put on the database and, if the customer complained about their garbage not being picked up, could be served the file from any web browser as proof of service. Another usage scenario is that of a bank. A bank could want their customers to be able to download a .PDF of their statement monthly, rather than sending a paper copy to them. WFS will allow that customer to download their statement (and only their statement) securely from the database.


Click here to view a sample of the WOW File Server addon.