Introduction WOW Calendar

    The WOW Calendar add on is a separately licensed, fee-based add on product of the Web Object Wizard (WOW). The calendar add on will allow the user to create a dynamic, data-driven calendar using information from your database. Basically, the calendar add on will use date and/or timestamp fields from your database (determined by a Field Descriptor within the WOW program) to generate a HTML-based calendar, plugging in the dates and times to that calendar and rendering it to a browser. There are nearly unlimited uses for the WOW Calendar add on, basically anything that can be put on a calendar, scheduled or anything with a date and/or timestamp field in your database can be put into the WOW calendar. The calendar could be used for keeping track of internal meetings, schedules for work or other functions (i.e. sports schedules, garbage pickup schedules, class schedules just to name a few).

The WOW Calendar add on contains 2 major features:

  1. The calendar itself. This feature is controlled by the .jsp file that came with your WOW Calendar information.

  2. A highlighting feature for changing the color of the cell in which a certain event is located.  This feature comes in handy when there is an important event occurring on a specific day, allowing the user to customize the color of the event. (i.e. There is a very important meeting on a certain day; the day (or event) can be highlighted with a certain color, say red, to alert people viewing the calendar that there is a very important event on that day.)