Developing Self -Service Web Applications with WOW Enterprise

Executive Overview

Web applications can provide almost any type of service.  Web self-service is the leading approach companies are using to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.  Self service applications allow users to obtain and use information online that has typically required the help of a human representative.  WOW provides businesses simple, yet powerful, means to develop these types of applications and this guide will show you how.  

Banks allow customers to sign on to a secure Web environment and obtain account balances, pay bills, or view transaction history.  Insurance companies provide immediate rate quotes, billing information, and agent services on the web.  E-commerce is becoming heavily utilized for selling everything from toothbrushes to real estate.  Vendors and suppliers can make real time changes to purchase orders without the use of the phone or fax.  These types of services are becoming more prevalent and the reason is obvious….. Companies save a lot of cash.  “Self Service” applications provide lower overhead, increased user satisfaction and loyalty to a generation of “tech savvy” consumers, customers, and vendors.

The bottom line in whether or not B2B or B2C applications are an option comes down to return on investment.  If a solution requires lengthy consult time and services businesses will be reluctant to move to change.  There are solutions available that are affordable and can allow organizations to utilize their own development staff to provide these user friendly, helpful sites to their user community.   The self-service application pattern is repetitive.  These types of applications require user authorization and authentication to supply or receive information from a data source.  This is a very easy task for PlanetJ’s Web Object Wizard.

Common Examples of Self Service Applications


  • Customer Access to Account Information (B 2 C)
  • Customers are able to  signon and access their account information such as banking transactions, account balances, and statements. Customers can create orders and interact with a company in an individual manner. 
  • Supplier/Vendor Access to Account Information (B 2 B)
  • Suppliers and other external business entities are able to sign on and access their information such as purchase orders, inventory quantities, policies, claims, accounts, and related information.
  • Internal Company Employees (B to E)
  • Employees are able to access and mange information they are authorized to such as personal contact information, individual appraisals, commissions, sales data, etc.

WOW is an application development tool that is easy to use yet provides the power and sophistication to create complete self-service applications. WOW makes extensive use of industry standard SQL.  This example will show development of a customer self-service application in a secure, individualized manner without ANY coding using WOW Enterprise.  Specifically this example will show how to develop an insurance self-service application. An insurance agent is allowed to sign on and only access their own quotes, policies, claims, and customers.  This pattern and example can be applied to ANY self-service need.  Insurance is used as example for educational purposes.  The following will guide you through the technical steps required to create the insurance self-service application.