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Planet CreativiX is proud to present one of our upcoming publications:

"Let's Compose Variations",

by Rozalina Gutman

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Hands-on Composition Project Book for Beginning Piano Students

in conjunction with

Demonstration and Method Guide for Teachers


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Planet Creativix Publishing & Media is proud to announce

opportunities for submissions to

Int'l Research Project "Mozart Genome"

for students and for teachers/educators, who would like to employ the Composition Project Book by Ms. R. Gutman in their everyday interaction with beginning students and to contribute their personal observations about the results and related to the subject ideas through out:

  • teaching music                                                                                                  
  • teaching in other (than music) categories of Creative Arts, while combining the teaching process with music, that may include Dance, Creative Writing, Poetry, Storytelling, Theater, Puppet Theater, Film, Painting and Drawing, Arts and Crafts, Photography, Mixed Media, and combinations of the above categories

Individual participants with multi-cultural herritage and educational institutions in various countries are highly encouraged to apply.  Amount of participants is limited to first 50 submissions. Please, contact us via this e-mail link, if you are interested to learn about details and logistics.  We will provide you with easy to fill out one-page Research Application Form.  We would highly appreciate hearing about your prior educational and artistic background and your current qualifications/affiliations as well as about your personal aspirations and reasons for the above collaboration.

About the Author

Ms. Rozalina Gutman is accomplished concert pianist/composer and the most unusual type of music educator.  She is the author of several original Teaching Methods, such as "Building Creative Cognition Habits Through Piano Teaching (tm)", "Cognitive Mulsti-sensory Musical Storytelling(tm)".   Her experience proves that if the Creative Musical Assignments are presented to students from the early age, their musical and overall intellectual/emotional/physical development can take the path of high success rate. 

Ms. Rozalina Gutman approaches the teaching process as the Art,  while weaving in the methods of Science (such as child pscychology research, etc.) into her everyday interaction with students.  While teaching piano to students of various ages, one of her main goals is - to teach them how to think creatively and effectively - while learning to play, to create and to understand music, as well as outside of musical subjects.  Ms. Rozalina Gutman enjoys helping both beginning and advanced students mastering various Creative Cognition Operations, while using fun and effective methods that she developed while teaching students of all ages and levels for over 25 years. 

Ms. Rozalina Gutman happened to be in the unique position to be able to choose the best features of several educational traditions in Music Education, her extensive and comprehensive Music and Pedagogical Education in Russia and the opportunities of free American society.  And, as the result,  she created the original approach of her own that she happily shares with everyone who is eager to learn.

Ms. Rozalina Gutman was born in former Soviet Union and started her piano studies at the age of 4, after her parents noticed that she was impersonating her kindergarden music teacher for hours - singing songs and pretending to play on her tinkering toy piano.  She attended Music School for Children for 7 years and when she became 7, she started to compose spontaniously.  Since she lived near the seashore of the Black Sea, her most favorite music subject was Oceania.  She also loved playing by ear multitude of popular songs for children and adults and often made her own such songs' arrangements that were often noticed by listeners for their accomplished texture and details of muscal expression, unusually inventive for the girl of young age. 


Since she was a child,  little girl Rozalina started inspiring Creativity and composition ideas in her classmates, students of Piletskaya Piano Class.  Among them was little boy Andrey Tereshenko,  with whome little Rozalina shared the role of MC at the Annual Student Class Recitals.  Ms. Rozalina Gutman thinks of that with great satisfaction, since currently,  Mr.  A. Tereshenko serves as the Minister of Culture of the Autonomic Republic of Crimea, Ukraine as well as the Founder of Int'l Original Competition for Children, held annually in the inspiring resort areas of Crimea. 

sightseeing excursions in Crimea

Among  many Honors and Rewards (Incl. presentation of Summa Cum Laude Dimploma for Graduation from Mucic School for Children, followed by performance at the City Grand Theater) that little girl Rozalina earned during her childhood,  one of her most memorable events for her was solo performance at the age of 8, when she led the singing for the entire school assembly, with her own piano accompaniment-arrangement of the famous song "Smile", from Russian cartoon-bestseller "Baby Racoon". 

After graduating with Summa Cum Laude Diploma from Crimea State Music College in Solo Piano Performance, Chamber Music, Ensemble and Pedagogical Training, she entered World renown Music Department of Moscow Pedagical State University, founded by Dmitriy Kabalevsky, revered in the World as visionary, distinguished educator, composer, activist, Honorary President of Int'l Society of Music Educators, etc.  (Ms. Rozalina Gutman pays tribute to his contribution to the cause of Music Education, by choosing his piece "Scherzo" as the theme for Variations.)  She also attended composition demonstration-lessons for the groups of young children, conducted by renowned for his innovative approach Grigory Shatkovsky, subsequently inviting her Mentor to present Regional Crimea Summer Seminars about "Teaching Composition to Young Children". 

After immigrating to USA, Ms. Rozalina Gutman engaged in teaching, performance, composing of her original music, as well as into various local music community actions and events production (incl. choreography of her original music). She lived and taughted students according to Kabalevsky prophecy: "Music Education for All!", striving to give as many scholarships to her grateful and deserving students as possible.  She is the Founder of Non-Profit Foundation "CHARISMA: Community Helping to Assure the Rescue, Inspiration and Support for Music and the Arts."  She is ery passionate about advocacy for the Quality Music Education and constantly promotes understanding of the role of Music and the Arts in our toaday's Society.

She currently lives, composes, writes and teaches in Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA.  Among other community-oriented actions, she founded and produced the special Original Composition Prize Category for "The Young Artist Award", while serving as the Chair for the Etude Club Annual Competition for Young Musicians in Berkeley, CA.  Ms. Rozalina Gutman served as Adjudicator for Certificate of Merit Exam (Music Teachers' Assoc. of CA) in various Northern CA Branches and she really enjoys sharing her expertise with other music educators through private teacher coaching, master classes and hands-on presentations. 

Her students won many honors and prizes in variety of regional educational evaluations, contests and festivals.  Pedagogical success of Ms. Rozalina Gutman was praised by renowned musicians, researchers and educators of our times, such as: Karl Schnabel, World-renowned Piano Mentor; Jane Bastien, Popular Piano Method Author; Robert Helps, distinguished pianist/composer/mentor, student of piano technique specialist Abbey Whiteside; Frank Wilson, MD, neurologist, music performance/education researcher; Vladimir Ashkenazi, renowned pianist/conductor; Arcadi Volodos, one of the World's most sought pianists, are among many others.

Ms. Rozalina Gutman is very passionate about the cause of Creativity's opposition to the Destruction forces of all kinds.  She enjoys using her music to inspire others - such piece of Ms. Gutman "Destination NEVERTHELESS" was performed at the Ceremony for the Winners of Young Artists Award (By SF Opera soloist Thomas Glenn) and for the Gala at Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation, held at Pixar. Ms. Rozalina Gutman composed original pieces FOR EXPANDED PIANO that resonate to the inviromental concerns that are dedicated to our Planet's Oceania, forming the cycle "Liquid Transformances".  (Some pieces were choreographed and staged and several projects are currently in progress.)  Her original composition "Yearning for Peace", based on Jewish and Arabic themes is gaining int'l recognition, was staged locally and will be produced as multi-media performance for Int'l audiences in the near future.  She strives to inspire her colleagues and students of all ages and origins to follow her in various Pro-Peace actions and initiatives locally and Internationally.

Students of Ms. Rozalina Gutman observed her perform All Russian Piano Program at the solo performance (produced by well-respected venue San Francisco Performances, SFP at Six), that took place on the small round stage (that represented the image of globe) and got inspired to produce very imaginative drawing of her teacher.  It served as the foundation to the artwork for the T-shirt (courtesy of Non-profit Foundation "CHARISMA") 

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Ms. Rozalina Gutman is very proud of her lineage that stems directly towards the world-revered Kaballah Master Baal Shem Tov.  "I create as I resonate(tm)" is one of her favorite quotes and is the translation of the world-famous Hebrew expression "Av'ra K'Davra".  She is proud to be able to carry on her anscestor's passionate believe in transformative power of Music and the Arts.