My full name is Gregory Warnat and I will be your son/daughters 8th grade math teacher. I am a lifelong resident of Plainville and have gone through the Plainville School system myself. I attended Eastern Connecticut State University where I majored in Finance with a minor in Mathematics. At the age of 24 years old, I was a supervisor at Hartford Life Insurance Company working in the annuities division overseeing 10 adults. I worked at Hartford from 1995-2003.  I then was a substitute teacher in Plainville for the 2004-2005 school year while I finished schooling for my teaching certification. In 2005, I was hired to be the 8th grade math teacher at Bellizzi Middle School in Hartford, where I worked until February 19th of 2006. I was then hired in Plainville to become the full-time 7th grade math teacher.  During the spring of 2007, I was asked to move to the 8th grade.

From 2004-2007, I served as a volunteer assistant coach for the Plainville High School girls varsity basketball team.  In 2008, I became the Plainville High School Freshman Girls Basketball Coach.  During the five years of service, we have comprised a cumulative regular season record of 76 wins and 22 losses, and we are the first PUBLIC school to win the Northwest Conference three consecutive years, since the catholic schools joined our conference.



Students are expected to complete and return their homework assignments the day after it is provided to them.  If a student is absent, he/she has a set of responsibilities they must follow.

On the day the student returns to school, they first must turn in any assignment(s) that were due on the day of the absence.  (For example, if a student is out on Tuesday, September 22nd and returns on Wednesday, September 23rd.  The first thing the student must do is see Mr. Warnat at the beginning of math class and turn in the assignment that was due on the date of the absence.  They then should go to the cabinet that has the homework assignment list for the entire month.  They should take a look at Tuesday, September 22nd and note the assignment.  If it was a ditto, the dittos can be found on the counter immediately below the cabinet that houses the assignment.  They would then turn that assignment in on September 24th for full credit.  When they turn this assignment in, they should write "ABSENT" at the top of the paper.  This will make it easier for me to grade appropriately and give the student full credit.
***NOTE:  It is extremely important to note that a student who DOES NOT write their name on the top of their paper will receive a grade of a 33 for that homework assignment.  We remind students every day before they turn in an assignment to make sure that name is at the top of the paper.

Below are two websites that can prove to be very helpful as students go throughout the year.  Please visit these websites for additional practice.