Welcome to Mrs. Walker's Fourth Grade

                    Linden Street School

                            Room 201


Can you make a light bulb light?

      Welcome to forth grade at Linden Street School.  I will work very hard to provide your child with a positive learning experience.  In fourth grade we learn about many interesting topics. In math, we continue the progran called Envisions. Your child's  success depends greatly on their fluent knowledge of the multiplication and division facts.  Here is where parents will make a big difference by studying these facts with their children.  

    Of course we will read, read, and read!  I love all types of books, and during this year I hope to share my love of books with your child.  Your child has been learning how to read, and now in grade 4, we not only continue that process, but also continue to read to learn about our world. Non fiction reading will play a larger role in this year's learning. 

    Our science units deal with adaptations, electricity and magnetism and rocks. These units are mostly hands on experiments and activities that teach the lessons.

    Our social studies units cover our country's regions starting with the Northeast.  As your family drives through Connecticut make sure to look for old mills and other historical landmarks.

    We will use the computer lab and laptops quite often, so that your child can improve their keyboarding and research skills.  Your child will use computers when writing stories, practicing math, language skills, and publishing other written pieces. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at school at 860-793-3270 ext 201 or email me at walkers@plainvilleschools.org.  I want to work with you to ensure a positive fourth grade experience for your child.   


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