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    Volunteer Program Components

    Mentor-A consistent, reliable, positive friend and role model. Mentors are matched one to one with students in grades K-12.

    Tutor- Assists students in Grades K-12 individually or within small groups for remediation of academic areas.

    Reading Partner Works to enhance K-5th grade students' reading skills.

    Classroom Volunteer- Volunteer who works directly with children in the instructional process or assists the teacher with other classroom tasks.


    How Can I Become a Volunteer?

    It's really very simple! Opportunities are available for employees of local businesses and members of the local community to serve as Plainville Community Schools' volunteers.

    The Plainville Community Schools' Volunteer Programs are school site based, which means that all "volunteering" is done on-site at one of the 5 schools in Plainville; volunteers participate during the school year

     (September through June).

    Most volunteer programs require a commitment of one hour per week or less, depending upon the availability of the volunteer and the program(s) in which they are interested.

    Click here to download and print the volunteer application form. Please fill out the form and return it to the contact information below.


    Volunteer Program Placement Process

    Prospective volunteers are asked to complete a volunteer program application. The application is used to assess the availability and interest of the prospective volunteer, and to optimize the volunteer program assignment. Volunteers are also required to furnish references, as part of the screening process. In some instances, interviews are held for prospective volunteers as well. Once an appropriate assignment is identified, the new volunteer is contacted and will be scheduled for an orientation. At that point, the new volunteer is on his or her way! Both training opportunities and on-site support are offered throughout the year for volunteers. The district Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer program liaisons, and school staff members assist volunteers as needed, with the ultimate goal of providing a positive experience for all those who serve as Plainville Community School's volunteers!