Volunteer Program

Mission Statement: 
To facilitate, through organized programs, a mutually beneficial partnership between Plainville students and volunteers, working to enhance and support the curriculum and goals set forth by the Plainville Community Schools.

Additional Information


Volunteers are an integral component of the Plainville Community School System. Over the years, volunteers have shared their time and talent with thousands of Plainville students, energizing and enriching the students' educational experience. Volunteers continue to provide academic support to students, foster valuable friendships through their role as mentors, assist staff in the classrooms, and the list goes on.

As we move through the 21st century, we realize more than ever the power of volunteerism, and recognize the extraordinary contributions made by Plainville Community Schools' volunteers.


In 1991, the General Electric Industrial Systems division awarded a grant that among other things, established a group of mentoring and tutoring stations at the Middle School of Plainville, out of which was born the Mentor and Tutor volunteer programs. These programs grew each year, and in 1994, a new Literacy Improvement Program funded by GE Industrial Systems and the GE Fund was established, creating an additional volunteer opportunity known as the Literacy Coach program.

In 1996, a collaboration among General Electric, The Bushnell, and Plainville Community Schools resulted in the creation of an arts based program in which volunteers work together with school staff, students, and visiting artists, to enrich and promote the integration of the Arts and Literacy. Today, volunteers are working with Plainville students as Mentors, Tutors, Junior Achievement leaders, Reading Partners, classroom aides, office assistants, computer lab helpers, and more. The need for additional volunteers continues to grow, as we strive to meet the needs of our students in the 21st century.

Program Goals

  • To improve the educational achievement of children
  • To enrich the curriculum, extend the horizons of children, and increase their motivation for learning
  • To improve services to children in media centers, offices, and with student activities
  • To provide opportunities for interested community members to participate actively in the education process
Volunteer News 

Volunteers of the Year

The Plainville Community Schools Volunteer Program is happy to announce the 2014 Plainville Community Schools volunteer award winners as follows:

Volunteer of the Year: Thomas Arcari, Sr.
Mentor of the Year: Rob Cayer

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 Contact Information

Sue Bradley
Volunteer Coordinator

Plainville Municipal Center
One Central Square
Plainville, CT 06062

(860)793-3210 x212