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Plainville High School Mission Statement

     Plainville High School is a learning community dedicated to preparing all students to meet ever-changing personal and global challenges by promoting their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and cultural growth. 

     Plainville High School encourages all students to be respectful and responsible members of a diverse democratic society. Plainville High School fosters student success by facilitating communication and cooperation among students, educators, parents, and the community.

I strongly believe and support the concepts of the Plainville High School Mission Statement
I feel that this focus between 
educators, students and parents will promote student growth.
I look forward to working with the 
students, parents, and the community during the school year
                                                                                                Thomas Riccardo




  1. The first time a student misses an assignment teachers will talk to the student and encourage him or her to complete the homework.

  2. The second time a student misses an assignment he or she will be warned that if another homework is missed the teacher will call home.

  3. If a student misses a third assignment the student will be given a detention and will make up the missed work.

  4. If a fourth assignment is missed the teacher will call that student's parent and assign a two hour detention.

  5. If a fifth assignment is missed the student's name will be sent to an administrator for further disciplinary action.



A Note about Riccardo's grading policy: 


A #1 in the grade book denotes a Homework or Project that has not been turned in by the student.

Students are responsible to turn in all Homework.

Homework and Projects can be turned in late at a cost of 10pts per day late OR a minimum of 20pts for later than 10 days late.


A #1 that has been entered as a grade denotes a missed Test, All missed Test CAN be made up BEFORE the end of the quarter..

A #5 that has been entered as a grade denotes a project that has been collected but not yet graded.

At the close of the Quarter any missed Test will stay at the grade of a 1 an can not be made up.