College Information


Common Application

A general application form used by over 500 independent colleges that is available on-line.


List of Colleges and Universities in Connecticut

All Universities (All) By Christina DeMello

3,040 listings for American and International University and College home pages. List contains allof the schools, alphabetized by school name, with the link to the college's website.

Campus Tours

Virtual tours of major campuses. Requires Shockwave. Text, photos, interactive maps, videos, & movies.
Education Corner - Education that Matters - Billed as "The most comprehensive database of colleges, universities and higher education institutions."

National Catholic Colleges and Universities

The National Catholic College Admission Association is a non-profit organization of Catholic colleges and universities committed to serving students, parents, and counselors in the transition process from high school to college.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Quest Bridges

Quest Bridge is part of Quest Scholars Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has worked since 1994 to help outstanding low-income students access top-tier educational opportunities.

College Board Online

A comprehensive job and career guide that gives realistic information for middle and high school students. Detailed sections on nature of work, working conditions, employment, training, job outlook, related occupations, and scores of additional information.

What Can I Do With A Major In…?

Information on career choices and available majors related to different school subjects.

Provided by the University of North Carolina-Wilmington


Security on Campus

Parental rights regarding campus security. An informative site parents and students should utilize when evaluating colleges.