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UCONN ECE / AP Physics

Hints for best performance:

Prepare for class, read material in the text before the lecture, then read the material again after class discussions of the topics.

Use your resources, including the information and hints on WebCT. 

Don’t miss class; get notes from someone if you have an unavoidable absence. 


Review and practice math as necessary. 

Participate in class. Bring your calculator every day. 

Practice, practice, practice. Work lots of problems 

Let me know how you’re doing!


Physics is Phun!

Specifically related to problem solving and homework:

Make sure you understand what the problem is asking before you begin plugging numbers into equations.

Try the worked examples in the book and from your notes—without peeking! 

Try problems that have solutions in the back of the book. 

Draw a picture whenever possible. 

Pay attention to units.

Don’t expect to always work straight through a problem. Wrong turns and dead ends are often instructive.

Check results to make sure they are reasonable. 

Get help—but only after trying the problem yourself.

And finally:

Keep in mind that learning physics involves both understanding concepts and solving problems. The two processes are inseparable and support each other. For instance, you will probably find that you understand a concept somewhat, then work your way through a related problem, which illuminates the concept even more, making the next problem easier to solve, etc. Finally it will all come together and you will understand the concepts and can whiz through the problems!

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