Welcome to Ms. Pascucci's First Grade Class!


Welcome Fantastic First Graders

First grade is such an exciting year!  Children learn to read, write, and explore math concepts. We also learn about communities, families, and celebrations in social studies.  In science, we focus on life cycles!  Frogs, plants, and the moon are all life cycles we study.  Sunshine and shadows is another part of what we do in science!  

You can access online activities via the Curriculum Links Page


Any time you need to reach me or you want to come in and visit for the day, you can call Toffolon School at 793-3280.  We can plan your visit a day ahead of time. You can also reach me by email at pascuccia@plainvilleschools.org.

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For further information about our class, please see Ms. Pascucci's ABCs of First Grade!