In Social Studies we will be discussing the regions’ environment, 
cultural unity, diversity and much more.  We will begin with learning about the Northeast region.  Throughout our Social Studies units we will be learning how to take notes and research.  This will prepare us for our Westward Expansion unit and research project. We will also study Immigration.

Some of our science topics this year will be the electricity and magnetism, biomes, landforms, erosion and water cycle. We will start the year discussing landforms. During the year we will be doing many science experiments to enhance learning.


We are using the Envisions math program. We are starting the year reviewing multiplication facts that we have already learned and are learning additional strategies to remember new facts.  All students should master multiplication and division facts up to 11 by the end of fourth grade.  We are exploring arrays and how multiplication is related to repeated addition.  We are also going to be learning more about division, fractions, geometry, measurement and problem solving.  There are many fun-filled activities that we will be using to enhance the children’s understanding of  these math concepts.  



 We will be using the reading and writing workshop model this year.  All students will be reading books at their own reading levels throughout the year.  They will also be writing in response to the text they are reading.


Throughout the year we will follow the ROARS rules and earn tickets as a reward for good behavior and hard work.  ROARS stands for respect, organization, active learning, responsibility and safety.  We will discuss examples and expectations of ROARS in the classroom during the first week of school.  Students who meet these expectations can earn tickets to use at the school store.  Some ways students can earn tickets in the classroom are; bringing in their homework on time, staying on task, participating, and being an active learner!   Tickets will be taken from students who are not following the ROARS rules.  


This year your child will have reading homework every night. I do not give written homework on the weekend but would like children to read at least 20 minutes a day.  He or she will have a book bag to carry their book and reading log to and from school each day. Children should be reading the same book every day at school and at home. They should be recording their total minutes read on the reading log. Your child will be expected to read at least 20 minutes a night or a total of 140 minutes a week (for 7 days).  I will check their reading logs every Monday.   

On Monday your child will receive all the homework assignments for the week.  There will be a written homework assignment every night, Monday through Thursday. Students will have math, a reading response sheet, or writing to complete. Please be sure to look in your child’s assignment book every Monday night for homework assignments, long term assignments, test dates and messages from me. Please sign this every Monday night so I can be sure you are aware of all assignments required for the week.



Missed homework assignments will cost the students tickets.  If the assignment is not brought in the next day the number of tickets increases and the assignment will be done during “Fun Friday” or a working lunch.  When  in-school assignments are not completed on time or homework assignments are consistently late then I will send a note home.  


If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you’d like to communicate to me I encourage you to contact me by calling the school any time after 8:35 a.m.  (before school begins), after school until 4:00, write in your child’s assignment book, or email me at parkera@plainvilleschools.org.  


Grade Level Expectations for Learning

Learning Links for Fourth Grade

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