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Welcome to MSP Physical Education
Mr. Adam Murphy

Unified Art's
Grades 6-8

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The Physical Education Department will continue our data collection on Physical Fitness scores. We are using these scores to set student and teacher goals as well as lesson design. Students will reflect upon their past scores and set realistic and attainable goals for their physical performance on the Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment.

Lastly, the Health and PE department along with Ms. Westfall will continue our Walk to School events on the last school Thursday of each month. Students will be dropped off their bus at the Toffolon walking path and proceed to walk approximately one half mile to the MSP campus prior to the start of school.

Big Ideas:

1. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to participate in regular physical activity.
2. No matter the amount of stress in your life, always strive to obtain the best for yourself.
3. Regardless of culture, personal differences or fitness abilities it is important to show respect for all students.
4. Positive self-image and character are important to having overall personal wellness.

Essential Understandings:
        -People perform at all levels and in many different ways in all life activities.
                -what is self-respect?
                -how do I show respect for my own abilities and weaknesses?
                -what is respect?
                -how do we show respect for other peoples’ differences?
        -People need to work together and cooperate in all aspects of life.
                -what are the ways to show good sportsmanship?
                -why is demonstrating good sportsmanship important?
        -It is necessary to participate in lifetime physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
                -what are good physical activities people can do?
                -at what age should you participate in physical activities?
                -why should you be physically active?
                -how will you be physically active throughout your life?
        -Honesty and fair play demonstrate your character as a person.
                -what are the qualities of honesty?
                -what would be an example of cooperation or fair play look like in game?