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Grade 2
Mrs. Mullins
Room 209

Welcome to our Second Grade Classroom! 
Together we learn and grow each day in room 209! 

Classroom Behavior Policy

This year at Linden Street School, all classrooms will be implementing PBIS.  Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a school-wide approach for enhancing the social behavior and climate of our school.  Throughout the day, students will receive tickets for positive behaviors.  All staff in the school will be involved, therefore your child may earn a ticket in any area of the building throughout the day.  Students will receive tickets for following school and classroom rules, as well as for setting positive examples for others.  Students will keep track of their tickets and may use them to purchase items at our school store. Although students keep track of earning their own tickets, we also will keep track of our class tickets and work toward a class reward.  This system will be explained further at Open House.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

In addition to the PBIS program, our class has an additional behavior plan. Your child may have a great effort day, make better choices day, or a parent contact day.  All students begin the day as Ready to Learn.  Students who are active participants in class and follow directions throughout the day will move their clip to “great effort.” If a students receives a verbal warning and then needs to be spoken to again, he/she will be asked to move the clip to “make better choices.” If further inappropriate behaviors occur throughout the day, the student will move the clip to “parent contact.”  When this occurs, the student and I will discuss the behavior and determine an appropriate consequence.  Students do have the opportunity to  move their clips back up the chart if they improve their behavior during the remainder of the day. 

                                                  Homework Policy
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During your child’s second grade year, he/she will be expected to complete nightly homework during the week.  The students will be required to read each night of the week and at least one night over the weekend. Weekly spelling words should be practiced at home during the week.  In addition to the reading homework, students will be given further homework each night.  These assignments will reinforce the work that has been done in class that week or in previous weeks.  The students should be able to complete the given task with minimal assistance as it has already been presented in class.  If at any time there is a misunderstanding of directions or difficulty with the assignment please feel free to send in a note the following day.  Your child will not be penalized if the assignment is incomplete, and I will work on the assignment with your child when classroom time permits. If homework is not completed and there is no note explaining the unfinished work, your child will be expected to complete it at home the following night.  Homework will be collected each day and reviewed.  A record of the homework for the week will be kept, and if all assignments for the week are completed the student will receive a sticker on the homework chart.  I recognize that all students work extremely hard during the school day and extra hard on their homework each night.  I believe that they should be acknowledged for their efforts and receive praise for trying their best.  Thank you ahead of time for all of your help and cooperation during this school year.  Your assistance at home truly makes a difference here in the classroom. 

Second Grade Expectations for Learning

Curriculum Documents

Daily Schedule

8:50-9:15- Morning work
9:15-10:15- Reader's Workshop
10:10-10:20- Snack/Bathroom
10:20-11:15- Writer's Workshop Workshop
11:15-11:30- Word Study/Spelling
11:30-12:15- Lunch/Recess
12:15-12:30- Bathroom Break
12:30-1:30- Academic Arts
1:35-2:15- Science/Social Studies
3:30- Dismissal