Mrs. Stringer's First Grade Class


  • Please have your child get to bed early and have a hearty breakfast to start the school year off rested and ready!
  • Water bottles are a must as the weather continues to be warm into late September. This saves many disruptive trips to the water fountain in the hallway.

Welcome to Mrs. Stringer’s First Grade Classroom,

I am so honored to welcome each student and their families into my classroom for the 2018/2019 school year. First grade is a time to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally. First graders learn how to become authors, writing their own stories and illustrating them with vivid details. Students will become mathematicians, learning to accurately add and subtract. Learning about our community and how corn grows will be a focus for social studies and science. In first grade, each day is packed with steps towards becoming lifelong learners. Be sure to ask your child what his/her favorite part of the day was!

Paramount to learning is strong family support. I welcome your input and assistance with your child’s learning. Any questions or concerns will be addressed promptly and with the utmost discretion. You can contact me via email at or call Wheeler at 860-793-3290. I will get back to you as soon as possible. A note from home is a great choice of communication for smaller issues or questions. I will ask each student if there is a note from home in the morning as well as check their folders. I expect my students to build independence as the year progresses and will continue to ask but may not go through their folders until later in the day. If your child needs early dismissal, a change of pick up or something crucial, please call the office or send me an email to be sure that I received the message.

Donations are welcome in first grade. We go through lots of kleenex, hand wipes, glue sticks, pencils, erasers and other common classroom items. If you would like to donate items or volunteer for assisting with a special projects, being a guest reader or assisting in some other capacity, please let me know.

Please see our class schedule for a list of our specials so that you can prepare your student each day. An extra change of clothes for emergencies and a smock for art class should be sent in and kept in the classroom. I will return both at the end of the year.

You may notice your child seems tired the first few weeks of first grade. After a long summer break, our schedule is busy. Unlike in kindergarten, there is no naptime, play centers or afternoon snack. Please be sure to give your child plenty of time to get a restful night’s sleep. Sending in a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, granola bars, cheese or crackers is a great way to give your student the needed energy to make learning throughout the day productive. We are a tree nut/peanut free room, including those products that are labeled “may contain peanut/nut particles” or “may be made in a plant that processes peanuts/nuts”. Reading the labels of prepackaged crackers and snacks will keep all our students safe. Please do not send in juice or soda, but instead, a reusable water bottle. This will ensure that your child stays hydrated during the day.

Within the first few weeks, a reading bag will go home along with a reading log for your child. Please have your child read at home each night for 15 minutes. We will discuss this further at Open House on 9/19/18. The reading bags travel back and forth to school each day with your child. I will change out the books every few weeks. In first grade, the same book can and will be read many times to grow reading independence and confidence. Please read to your child each evening and have your child read to you. It’s the best way to build fluency, comprehension and vocabulary for your first grade scholar. A separate notice for further homework will go out in the near future.

Positive reinforcement, building student independence and engaging students in their own learning process are the main key points to my behavior management in the classroom. I employ a colored clip chart that the students keep track of daily. The chart is very fluid with students being able to move up or down according to behavior. This chart will be displayed during open house, if there are question regarding specific colors and their meaning. Students can earn PAW tickets for PACK behavior. Tickets earned can be exchanged for weekly prize box offerings, classroom events and special events held in school. Students will help to write a “Class Promise” so they are aware of the classroom rules and the rewards and consequences for following or breaking those rules.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter about our first grade classroom. Again, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting with you all at Open House on September 19th, 2018. I can answer any questions you may have then.


Mrs. Stringer