Preschool Room 3


Wednesday 6/13 is the last full school day at Wheeler.  Your children will be bringing home their sleep materials and do not need to bring them back.  The remaining days of school are all shortened days and their is no rest time on shortened days.  Thank you for sharing your children with us this year.  It was a joy for us to watch them grow.  Have a wonderful summer full of family and fun!  Lisa

 Scientific exploration in the water table using test tubes, nets, & rubber worms! Very exciting.  The kids loved it.

 We are learning all about crickets this week.  Ask your children what they need in their habitat and how they chirp!
 Math activities related to our insect unit!


  Making insects out of playdo.

  Mixing colors to paint beautiful butterflies.

 Sensory play with a huge spider web, spiders, insects, and white beans.

 Insect stamp art at the writing center.

Today we learned about and experienced worms.  A very exciting day in preschool!


**Please make sure to send back your prek field trip forms soon.  Thank you.

Here's what's happening in preschool!  We're learning about spiders and insects.  Look at all the literature and investigation activities the children are involved in.  Our Lady bugs changed and we will be letting them go in their natural habitat today.  We will also be planting some more of our plants in Wheeler's garden.  Take time to talk with your child about all that is happening in our classroom.


                     Letting lady bugs out 

                   One of the bulbs we planted

    We're not sure what this finding is, a bulb or a type of mushroom?????