Welcome! I am hoping you will find biology as fascinating and exciting as I do!

First and foremost......the course overview! :)

Course Overview: Biology examines the fundamental properties of life and includes laboratory investigations.  This course is a graduation requirement.  Students receive .6 credits per semester and earn a final grade for each semester.  This course includes six classes and two laboratory sessions per eight day cycle.  Inquiry-based labs with corresponding formal lab reports and science technology and society (STS) assignments will be included in accordance with the state curriculum.

The following chapters will be covered this year:

Semester 1:                    

  • What is Biology?
  • Ecology
  • Biochemistry (how cells are affected by their chemical functions)
  • Genetics (the study of DNA)
Semester 2: 
  • Evolution
  • Anatomy and Physiology


Grading: Your grade will be based on a combination of classwork laboratory activities, quizzes, tests, and long term projects.  Please check the online gradebook regularly for your current grade.  I cannot discuss individual grades during class time.  Please see me after class or make an appointment to see me after school to discuss your personal grade. 


Homework and Class Work Requirements:  Class work will be checked or collected at the beginning of class. Class work includes: note taking which is mandatory and essential for success, collaboration with peers, reading text, and completing given assignments.  Homework will result  if you do not get to finish a classwork assignment during the allotted timeframe.  The majority of your homework  will entail studying the material learned during the day's lesson.  Unannounced quizzes should be expected the following class on material we explicitly leaned the previous day.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given on one or a few sections on a regular basis.


Tests:  Tests will typically be given at the end of each chapter. Notice will be given. However, you should take note of the number of sections in a chapter so that you are aware of when a test is approaching. Missed tests or quizzes must be made up upon the day of return if you are absent for the quiz or test day only.  If an absence occurs when material is covered, a quiz must be made up within one day of the quiz and a test must be made up within three days of the test or a zero will be recorded!  Prolonged absences will be given consideration


Projects: Projects will be assigned on various topics and may require a variety of end products including formal laboratory reports.  These will be worth the same as a test. 

Outside readings will also be assigned to supplement your textbook. Topics from these readings may be included on quizzes and tests.   

Although I am certain you are ready to delve in to a successful year, there are choices you can make that will set you up for success!  Studying, both in and out of school, is a pivotal skill that will allow you rise to your peak potential;  the following rules  pertain to a successful biological career but I am sure you will make a connection that these rules can follow you throughout your life.  Enjoy!

Items to Bring on a Daily Basis

Chrome book:  Inorder to best prepare you for a real-world experience, I will be using the Internet on a daily basis. Failure to have your chrome book is a high stress situation!

 Notebook: A three ring binder (half inch minimum) is required for the course. It is recommended that this binder be organized according to chapters in order to make studying for midterms and finals manageable. Please save ALL work for studying purposes and to verify grades if necessary.

Calculator: A simple calculator is all that is required for this course.  You may use your cell phone as a calculator, provided you are responsible for only using the calculator component. 

 Other supplies: a couple of highlighters, colored pencils or pens are a suggested idea.  I supply the latter items, but they ofter become somewhat damaged throughout the year.  I have no doubt you will often seek out your own supplies verses mine!

 Mid-term and Final Exams: Biology is a half year course so a final exam will be given at the end of each semester.  It is important to keep a neat and organized binder in order to properly prepare for these exams.


 Setting yourself up for Success: Life Lessons to Succeed...

1. You have been given a technological tool to learn. Please do not use it as a distraction. Remember....you are granted the gift of an education. Do not take it for granted! 

2. Use appropriate language, tone and behavior.  Inappropriate behavior will never allow you to present yourself in an educated, intelligent manner. 

3. NO ARGUING IN CLASS-if you have an issue-speak to me after class.

4. Keep desks neat, clean and free of artwork. Everyone likes a clean area to learn; it is not fair to others to leave your desk messy.   Inform me of any writing immediately or you will be held responsible.

5. Do not do any other assignments in my class.  You are here to learn and any distraction from leaning biology is a high stress situation.   Material will be taken and not returned.  YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!!!!!!!!

6.  Keep your head up and sit up.  If you are unable to do so, I will assume you are having issues maintaining your homeostasis and you will therefore be sent to the nurse and an absence will be recorded.



Extra Help Please schedule extra help after school as soon as you encounter topics that you find difficult or fall behind due to an absence.  Don’t wait until the problem becomes overwhelming. Remember that your peers can be a source of extra help as well.  I encourage you to study and review together for tests and exams.