Welcome to Room 18's web page!

Be Happy!!!
Fifth grade is full of fun & learning!  

5th graders learn about exploration, Colonial America, sound, light, Earth, Moon & Sun! 
Don't forget about many math concepts & reading strategies, too!!

You will be a STAR in 5th grade!!

Special Schedule

Monday: Music
Tuesday:  PE
Wednesday: 1-Music, 2-PE, 3-Art, 4-Library
Thursday:  Art
Friday :  Library
9:30 - 10:30

School/Class Rules
Be a leader of the PACK!!

**  Participate - Be on task & be safe
** Achieve - Give your best effort in all you do
**  Cooperate - Follow directions & be respectful
**  Know that I can - Do your best!  Be confident & responsible

Earn tickets for being a leader of the pack!! - classroom raffle on Fridays!!
School reward cart on Fridays!!!
Earn extra recess!!
Earn fun activities!!