Daily assignments will be written on the whiteboard in my classroom 123 or in Room 213 (co-taught with Mr. Dunlap).  All assignments will have due dates.  Late assignments will receive a reduced grade.  Check the Calendar on the right to see Lesson Plans/Assignments (UNDER CONSTRUCTION, will be posted soon).
        Semester I Classes:
  • Principles of Technology Information (Period 7). This class is a half-year course designed to further student’s knowledge and skills through the use of computers in today’s academic and business environments.  The student will learn the specific keyboard techniques used in industry to enhance accuracy and speed.  Students will learn how to create, format and output business documents using traditional and online software.
  • Business Applications I (Period 6).  Students will work with Microsoft Office and learn:   Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  Students will create, modify, and format various projects relating to the software being learned.  In addition students will work together in solving problems they encounter.  Excellent for school, college, and work applications. 
  • Senior Seminar Periods (2 and 8).  This class is designed to prepare students to meet challenges, problem solve and acquire the skills necessary for success in the 21st century.  The course is co-taught with Mr. Dunlap and will include a rotation cycle. Students will be instructed in public speaking and using all forms of current media and media production tools. This course will ensure that students develop important speaking and presentation/communication skills in preparation for the challenges ahead.  Excellent for school and college classes.  
  • Advanced Information Technology (AIT) Period 9. This course is offered to juniors or seniors who wish to further their knowledge of computer technology and problem based learning situations.  Entrance into this course requires a B average in all previous classes, at least 2 years of English, recommendations, a personal essay, and interview with the instructor.  Any student who wishes to enter this class must be willing to work independently, cooperate with others and communicate closely with fellow students.  The Independent Study Program is flexible around the student’s schedule.  
The following is a link to the latest Technology Gadgets:

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