Class Expectations:

Come to class on time and prepared with the following 

1. Pen/Pencil
2. Notebook
3. Textbook
4. Completed homework
5. Calculator (TI) You must supply your own
6. ChromeBook

Respect all (including each other, materials, and the teacher)
Participate actively in class
Follow directions the first time they are given
No food/drink in the classroom

No Cellphones


Your grade for each quarter will be a combination of the total points you earn on tests, quizzes, homework, and projects.  On average, tests/projects will be worth 100 points, quizzes worth around 50 points, and homework assignments worth 3 points each. Quarter grades will be calculated by adding up the total points earned and dividing it by the total possible points. Grades are posted online so that you may check your progress.

Approximate Percentages (Level 1 and 2)                 

Homework:     15 %                                                                              

Classwork:     20 %                                                           

Quizzes:           30 %                                                          

Tests:               35 %                                                            


Homework will be given on a daily basis and will be posted on the whiteboard and on the Google calendar. It is your responsibility to record assignments in your student agenda and to complete them for the due date. Homework assignments will be collected every day and assessed for both completion and comprehension.   Each homework assignment must be completed in the following manner:

 ·      Name, date, and class written on the top of each homework

·      Assignment clearly labeled on the top of each homewor

·      Completed neatly, legibly, and with enough space

Make Up Work:

If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to make up any missed work. There is a make-up folder for your class on the back counter. It will contain a sheet prepared with your name on it listing all missed classwork, homework, and test/quiz announcements, as well as any handouts. When you return from being absent, turn in any previous day’s assignments to the basket on my desk, obtain your make-up packet, and see me to schedule any tests or quizzes that may have been missed. Dates for tests/quizzes will be announced at least a week in advance. It is your responsibility to take the test/quiz on the assigned date, unless any new material was missed.

Extra Help:

I am dedicated to your success in this class. For this reason, I will be available on  either Tuesdays/Thursdays after school. You must come prepared with your notebook, homework, and textbook. I am not available for extra help in the mornings.