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MSP’S Top Readers 

Congratulations to MSP's 2017-2018 

Top Readers! 

They've read a total of 

1098 books this school year!

1  Fogofoluwa Adeniyan                 102

2  Janessa Freitas             91

3  Victoria Hamel             87

4  India Vibert             65

5  Zeel Patel             55

6  Valiantsin Kasabrukhau     52

7  Brayden Unwin             47

8  Harper Giola             42

9  Christopher Schneider     41

10 Carl Smith             41

11 Tate Stevens             40

12 Dyani Maldonado     40

13 Kaydin Younger             40

14 Juliana Carlina             36

15 Nevaeh Riddick             36

16 Elayna Fontanez     35

17 Carlos Rodriguez     34

18 Jessica Schnaufer     33

19 Katerina Soto             28

20 Ashton Maynard             27

21 Nicole Caruso             26

22 Emily Zarcone             26

23 Cadence Collin Lavoie     26

24 Netnia Davila             24

25 Camdon Mann             24

Barnes & Noble Book Fair

MSP's library had a book fair at the Barnes & Noble in Farmington on December 2. Beautifully original and creative artwork from Ms Meehan's and Ms Vigue's classes was displayed. 
It was wonderful to see so many MSP teachers, as well as students and their parents out supporting MSP's library. Many thanks to the students and teachers who volunteered their time on Saturday to man the wrapping and card tables. Dozens of shoppers took advantage of the opportunity to sign a holiday card to be sent out to troops serving overseas, and to tip our wrappers. All tip money will be used to offset postage costs of sending holiday cards and packages to the military.

Kaydin Younger is MSP's iPod6 Winner for 2016-2017

Author visited MSP

Jeff Anderson, author of the humorous Zack Delacruz books, visited MSP on Thursday, November 10 during enrichment. Six students from each team attended this fun lecture/workshop. Mr Anderson shared his writing process with students emphasizing the need to write and revise whenever one had 
the chance. He also spoke about not giving up; if one has a 
dream, the only way to reach that goal is to persevere to 
achieve it.

MSP Top Reader - Kindle Winners
All of MSP's top readers were entered into a raffle to win one of two Kindle Fires. The raffle was held on June 6, 2016, and the winners were: Glenroy Virgo and Dyani Maldonado. Happy reading to both of you.

Attention readers who enjoy 

For every book that you read and review, 
will get 
a raffle ticket for a chance to win a DunkinDonuts gift 
card. We'll pick a new winner the final Friday of every month during morning announcements.
Good Luck and Good Reading!

Read Right Run!
Read Right Run's medal ceremony and scavenger hunt was held on Thursday, April 2nd, during enrichment. Although nearly 100 of MSP's students and faculty began this challenge, only several dozen of the most dedicated and motivated of them completed this challenging goal. This is quite an accomplishment! These 
students and staff deserve a pat on 
the back and congratulations on having the grit, 
tenacity, drive, and motivation to successfully complete this challenge.Successful finishers were:

Grade 6 Students:      Grade 7 Students:
Nanci Guiterrez               Becka Beauchamp
Emily Roy                         Cassidy Norman
Jacob Demmons              Mikayla Doucette
Caitlin Charest                 Kaycee Newberry
Sydney Ouellette             Julia Restelli
Medina Ahmedovic         Alexia Sirois
Matthew Lagassey           Vanessa Agustin - Lopez
Alicia Quirion                    
Olivia Unwin                         
Sarah Ford                       Grade 8 Students:
Alexis Charbonneau       Andrea Ybanez
Benjamin Royce              Daniela Rosado-Rivera               
                                            Taniary Barton
                                            Haylie Garrison 

                    Factulty & Staff 
                    Mrs. Lynch
                    Mrs. Von Achen
                    Mrs. Harkey
                    Mr. Berard
                    Mrs. Misseri
                    Mrs. Harris
                    Mrs. Welton
                    Mr. Feltt

Additional thanks to our wonderful sponsors; 
without them the program would not have been possible: 
Plainville Community Fund@Main Street Community Foundation,
Healthy Plainville, 
The Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 
General Electric, 
Gnazzo's Food Center, 
Fleet Feet Sports, 
and Farmer Joe's Gardens


MSP had its Read Right Run kick-off on Monday, 
October 6th. The weather was perfect as 64 students 
and 14 faculty and staff completed their first of 26 
miles together under the watchful eye of Michelle, a running coach from West Hartford's Fleet Feet. 
From now through April 1, 2015, Participants will 
read 26books, do 26 right deeds, and run 26 miles 
in 26 weeks. 

The goal of Read Right Run was fourfold: 
1. To promote reading for pleasure.
2. To encourage participants to do kind deeds.
3. To support physical fitness. 
4. To foster perseverance, independence, and 
personal responsibility. 

Every successful finisher was awarded a medal 
in April 2015. 

MSP's Barber Shop 
was open 
for Business

MSP's students successfully read and reviewed over 1,500 books during the 2012 - 2013 school year. During the annual student/faculty basketball game, the top 5 readers and top 5 review writers became barbers for the morning. They cut Mr. Guarino's hair, during the halftime of the game! 

Our library is always in the process of selecting 
new materials to better meet your reading and 
research needs

If there is a book  you would like us to 
get, please let us know.  

Nutmeg Nominated Author 
Jordan Sonnenblick 
Visited MSP October 2012

Nutmeg nominated author Jordan Sonnenblick visited MSP on Wednesday, October 3rd. He presented at 3 assemblies, one for each grade 6, 7, and 8. His engaging presentations had both students and faculty simultaneously laughing and crying as he disclosed his motivation for writing his first book, Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. 

At the time, he was an 8th grade English teacher who wrote the book to help out a student whose younger brother had cancer. His advice to students for becoming a happy adult was to find something they were good at and enjoyed doing. He encouraged them to pursue their dreams and not give up on them, even if life gets in the way.

He also held a writing workshop for 24 teacher selected students. During the writer's workshop, students were encouraged to look at a his style of writing to see if they were able to replicate it. After writing, students shared their paragraphs aloud.  
Many thanks to MSP's PTC whose very generous donation helped to make Mr. Sonnenblick's visit possible.
It was an entertaining and inspiring day for all. 

Use our survey 

to let us know

how we are doing. 


Nutmeg Nominated
 Author visited MSP

Nutmeg nominated author, Leslie Connor visited MSP on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010. She has written several novels including: Waiting for Normal and Crunch

She did three presentations, one for each grade. The students were focused and engaged. Following her keynote presentation, students asked interesting and specific questions about topics as diverse as: her dogs, the writing process, her favorite authors and how to publish a book.

The afternoon writing session was such a treat. 24 students, 8 from each grade selected by their LA teachers came to the library ready to write. Students created some really interesting, surprisingly long and complex stories in only 45 minutes. 

She was happy to autograph copies of her books. Many students took advantage of this opportunity.

A special thanks to the MSP PTC for its generous donation which made Leslie Connor's visit possible.

Author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt Visits MSP

Twice Nutmeg nominated author Lynda Mullaly Hunt visited MSP on May 30. She provided motivating and enthusiastic presentations to all of MSP's students. She spoke of the importance of GRIT, perseverance and self-determination. 
Her books, One for the Murphys and Fish in a Tree feature characters who must deal with significant problems and overcome them. As a person who struggled with reading as a student and who overcame a very difficult childhood, her story is especially inspirational. 
During her presentation, she encouraged students to pursue their dreams and not allow naysayers to dissuade them. It was significant that within hours of her presentations, the library received invitations from 3 students to read student created stories. 

2018 Nutmeg Voting

Connecticut's Nutmeg Committed announced the winners of the 2018 Nutmeg books and they are:
1st - The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley 
2nd place was Took: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn
3rd place was Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

1st - Orbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt 
2nd - Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton 
3rd - The Novice by Taran Matharu 

MSP students have voted for their favorite intermediate and Teen Nutmeg nominees and the results are:
Intermediate                                                    Teen
1st Place: Took: a Ghost Story                      1st Place: Thirteen Chairs
2nd Place: Fish in a Tree                                2nd Place: Orbiting Jupiter
3rd Place: The War that Saved my Life       3rd Place: I am Princess X

Read a Thon

MSP's library sponsored a Read a Thon from January 2 - April 2. All grade 6 & 7 students  at MSP were invited to participate.  45 students took up the challenge. They asked parents to sponsor them for every book that they read. A total of 191 books were read, and a total of $536 was raised to jointly benefit Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Hematology and Oncology department and Yale New Haven Hospital’s Closer To Free.

The top 25 readers were rewarded with a well deserved pizza party in the library on Friday, April 6 during Enrichment.

The student who raised the most money was Cadence Collin LaVoie, who read 7 books and donated an astounding $140! The top reader was Victoria Hamel who read an impressive 25 books and donated $17.

Many thanks to the all of the participants for supporting kids all over Connecticut in their fight against cancer.


Author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, to Visit MSP

Visit has been postponed; a new date will be

announced as soon as it's confirmed

Local Connecticut twice nominated Nutmeg author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt will visit MSP on Wednesday, April 2. Interested students may purchase copies of either of her books, One for the Murphys and Fish in a Tree, to be autographed that day. Each grade will have the benefit of their own presentation.

Read Across America

MPS had its annual Read Across America celebration on Friday, March 2. NEA's Read Across America is a fun,
celebratory way to promote the enjoyment of reading. 
It is a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers, librarians, administrators and parents to share the joys of reading aloud to each other.
Over 230 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participated as readers or listeners. Teachers, administrators, and staff  joined the celebration as well, reading aloud picture books, short stories and poetry.
Many thanks to Gnazzo's for their very generous donation of food, snacks, and beverages for the celebration.

Grade 6 and 7  ELA students are invited to participate in a Read-a-Thon from January 2, 2018, through March 26, 2018.  
Students who want to participate should:
1. Read . . . a lot!  All types of books count, including graphic novels and ebooks.

2. Write and turn in a Dunkin’ Donuts review of each completed book.

3. Get pledges for every book they read. $1.00 per book is suggested, but any amount in increments of .25 per book is OK (so, .25, .50, .75, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, etc.)

4. Keep track of all the books they read from January 2, 2018 - March 26, 2018.

Students will have a form to keep track of all books read.

5. Collect the pledged money by March 29, 2018. The form and all money, or checks made out to MSP, must be turned in to their homeroom teacher (in a sealed and labeled envelope please) by Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. Envelopes should be labeled with student first, last name and homeroom teacher.

6. All money collected will be donated equally to:

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Hematology and Oncology Department  

Yale New Haven Hospital’s Closer To Free

7. The top 25 readers will win a pizza party in the library on Friday, April 6 during Enrichment.

MSP's library is available Online!


The school libraries at 
MSP and at PHS have joined forces to offer a wide variety of digital resources through Overdrive. Students may access the Overdrive site through the MSP library links page. They should use their regular username and password. eBooks and audio books may be read on computers or Chromebooks. They may also be downloaded onto, ipads, ipods, smart phones, Kindles or Nooks. As with our print collection, if students would like the library to get a particular title, please let us know.

Celebrate Banned Books Week!

Express your freedom to choose your own reading material!
Select and Read a Banned Book Today
MSP celebrated the American Library Association's Banned Books Week from September 25 - September 29th.  

Grade 6,  7 & 8 social studies classes visited the library for lessons on the First Amendment and how it relates to Banned books. 
Students were permitted and even encouraged to check out, read, and decide for themselves about frequently banned books. 

Titles discussed and offered included
 books such as: 

Bad Kitty for President by Nick Bruel banned for Offensive language “A billion dollars! Holy %#@$.”

Nutmeg nominated Trash by Andy Mulligan banned as “Not age appropriate [and it] tackles tough concepts best discussed at home.”

Drama by Raina Telgemeier banned as it includes LGBT characters, and has an offensive political viewpoint.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis, banned in Utah for violence and language.

Nutmeg nominee, Stolen Children by Peg Kehret, banned for being too scary and violent.

Newbery award winning, The Giver by Lois Lowry, banned for questioning authority.

A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein, banned because some of the poems promote “disrespect for truth and authority, and [encourage] rebellion against parents…”

Choose, check out and enjoy reading a banned book today!

Nutmeg Voting at MSP

Image used with permission of the Nutmeg committee

The State Nutmeg Committee 
announced the 2017 Nutmeg Book Award winners!

2107 Intermediate Winner: Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson
2017 Teen Winner: The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

MSP's students voted for their favorite 2017 Nutmeg nominees, results are:
1st place - The Boundless - 17%  
​2nd place - Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library 15% 
3rd place - Masterminds - 11% 

1st place - Iron Trial - 15% 
2nd place - Night Gardener - 11%
3rd place - Swagger - 10%​

Grade 6 Read-a-Thon

Grade 6 ELA classes participated in a Read-a-Thon in collaboration with MSP's library. In January, students voted to support Doctors without Borders. Students asked parents and friends to sponsor them for $1.00 or more for every 50 pages they read between February 1 and April 1. Students were responsible for keeping track of their reading. 
A total of $285 was raised and donated. Mrs. Baleshiski's homeroom raised the most money and was rewarded for their efforts with a pizza party. Top readers/fund raisers were: Jonah Winkleman and Jacob Schwentke who raised $50 and $25 respectively.

Read Across America

MSP's library had its annual Read Across America celebration on Thursday, March 2nd
NEA's Read Across America is a fun, celebratory way to promote the enjoyment of reading. 
It is a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers, librarians, administrators and parents to share the joys of reading aloud to each other.
Over 275 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participated as readers or listeners. Teachers, administrators, and Plainville Public Library staff joined the celebration as well, reading aloud picture books, short stories and poetry. 
Mrs. White's 8th grade FACS classes provided beautifully and colorfully decorated cupcakes using this year's diversity theme of Dr.Seuss around the world.  
The MSP library is very grateful for the generosity of Gnazzo's, which donated water and snacks for all readers and listeners. 
Additional thanks go to Snyders of Hanover 
which generously donated pretzels for all participants.

Library Policies

Students may check out up to 4 books at a time. Additionally, all magazines, including the newest issue may be checked out. The time limit for checkouts is 3 weeks

No Name Calling Week
MSP students observed No Name Calling Week from January 18 - 22nd. This year's theme is Celebrate Kindness. The focus is on kindness, as well as acceptance and tolerance of one another's differences. There is also a strong anti-bullying component. Students participated in a lesson during enrichment and signed a pledge not to bully or call others names. 
Completed pledges are displayed in the school's atrium. This is just one of the ways we hope to make MSP a kinder school in which to learn.

Author Tim Green Visited MSP 
October 14th, 2015
We were very fortunate to have Nutmeg nominated author Tim Green visit MSP. 
Mr. Green played for the Atlanta Falcons as a linebacker and a defensive end during the 1980s and 90s. He was also a radio and television sports commentator for National Public Radio and Fox television. 

Mr. Green graduated from Syracuse University law school and is currently a practicing attorney. He is the best selling author of 32 books including courtroom dramas for adults
​ and ​
sports themed titles for children including the Baseball Great and the Football Genius series. 
His characters are faced with serious 
 which they must overcome. Instead of giving up, they persevere, making them excellent role models for middle school students.
Mr. Green spoke about the importance of kindness and acceptance of other's differences. He focused his presentations on the importance of hard work, determination, perseverance, and most importantly, education, as it is education that gives one choices in life. 
He went on to explain that what makes one rich in life is not the things that one acquires, but the positive relationships one builds and maintains. One of the things that made his presentations so accessible to students is his energy and enthusiasm.

If you’d like more detailed information about Mr. Green and/or summaries of his books, please visit:http://timgreenbooks.com/ 
Many thanks to the Elizabeth Norton Trust Fund 
​for ​
their generous contribution which 
​helped to ​
enable us to bring Mr. Green to MSP.

 Visited MSP Spring 2015
Nutmeg nominated author of One For the Murphys and Fish in a Tree  visited MSP on Wednesday, March 25th.
She spoke with 6th grade reading and LA classes and then provided an interactive writer's workshop for 40 teacher
selected 6th grade students. 
Ms Hunt discussed her inspiration for writing and reminded students that writing, like all worthwhile pursuits in life, requires lots of practice and continual revision. Her presentation mirrored MSP's commitment to a growth mindset.
Her message to students is that hard work, effort, perseverance and being true to oneself are keys to success. 

Read Across America - 2015

Read Across America 2015

Read Across America

Author Tim Green 
visited MSP October 2013

Nutmeg Nominated Author and former Atlanta Falcon football player Tim Green visited MSP on October 9th. 

MSP students were treated to two wonderful presentations by Nutmeg nominated author Tim Green. 
Mr. Green, a former Atlanta Falcon linebacker, is the New York Times best selling author of 26 novels for children and adults, as well as a practicing attorney. Students were captivated by his engaging presentations. 

A very special thanks to the Elizabeth Norton Trust Fund and to MSP's PTC for their generous contributions which enabled us to bring Mr. Green here to MSP.

RAA 2013


Coretta Scott King 

winning author 

MSP in October 2011

Charles R. Smith, author, poet and photographer visited MSP on October 12th and performed 3 interesting, interactive, and highly engaging presentations. While discussing the writing process, Mr. Smith performed many of his poems accompanied by a variety of his photographs. 

He has created many books and CDs for our students to enjoy. The MSP library has copies of many of his books and students are welcome to check them out.
Many thanks to the  Plainville Community Fund and the MSP PTC which helped to fund his visit.
You are welcome to visit his website to view and listen to the books and poems he has written and read his biography. http://www.charlesrsmithjr.com/

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