Welcome to Mrs. Lebel's Classroom!

Fourth grade is going to be a great year 

   for your child to learn and grow!


   Being a parent myself, I know you are your child’s first teacher and have taught him or her many important rules and have given countless directions!  I ask that you please continue your teaching at home and guide him or her in becoming more responsible and independent.  

As a team, we can see to it that your child has a successful year in fourth grade. :)

Homework Policy

This year your child will have homework Monday through Thursday.  Each night your child will be expected to read 20 minutes or more.  Students will also be expected to read for a total of 60 minutes on the weekend.  Their reading log will be due every Monday.  If your child has difficulty finding a book or magazine to read at home, we have an extensive classroom library where he or she can find something to read, plus... don’t forget our school library or the Plainville Public Library. Children who continually have difficulty reading the 140 minutes a week at home, will have to read during lunch or miss a class activity.  

Reading outside the classroom makes an okay reader, writer and thinker into 

a great reader, writer and thinker! 

Assignment Notebook


   Each Monday (or the first day of the school week) the children will be bringing home their assignment notebook.  They will have their assignments written down for the entire week.  The children will also be writing down classroom/ school information at times, so it’s an important communication tool for all of us. 

Please, take a few minutes to read through their assignments and the information for that week and then sign your name on the space provided for all 5 days. Their assignment notebooks will be checked the following day to see if they were read and signed by an adult.  

Those who bring them in on time will receive tickets. I will only be checking them once to see if you have read their notebooks. I will not be checking them everyday due to time. 

(Unless they have not brought them in initially.) 

If you need to personally check off your child’s homework everyday, please feel free, but I will only be checking it once to see if you signed for all 5 days. 

Those who do not have their assignment notebooks signed will lose classroom tickets.

Behavior Management 


   I have several initiatives as my behavior management system.  One is using classroom tickets that the children earn to spend at Tiger Mart or at our classroom store. Children can earn their tickets by completing their homework on time, having their assignment notebooks signed on time, following directions, giving a great answer, being cooperative or by doing a kind deed.
Unfortunately children can also loose their tickets by not completing their homework on time, not following directions or by being unkind to others.  
We will visit Tiger Mart once a week so the children can spend their tickets and 
I will also open our classroom store at the end of every month.
 A second initiative is collecting team points. The classroom is divided into teams. 
The students on each team need to work together to be productive, do what is expected 
and work with their voices at a reasonable level. 
The team to gather the most points earns a prize at the end of the day. Usually, we have a tie! 

  Please take the time to talk to your children about their day and what they are learning.  

Dinnertime or driving to and from practices is a great time for sharing and laughing. :)  

   I look forward to getting to know your children and having a wonderful year with them! 

 If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. Please do not wait until conferences. 

You may call me at school, send in a note or email me at lebeld@plainvilleschools.org.  

Please remember though, I am teaching during the day and 

may not get back to you until after school or even after supper. 

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